Arkivio and Network Appliance Collaborate to Bring Enterprise Scalability to ILM Solutions

Mountain View, Calif. - July 19, 2005 - Arkivio Inc., providing leading Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) solutions for the enterprise, announced today that the ARKIVIO® AUTO-STOR ILM software has been successfully integrated with the NetApp Data ONTAP software through its open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This best-of-breed ILM solution can now also manage up to approximately one billion files from a single Web-based console providing enterprise customers with a truly scalable ILM solution.

The ARKIVIO® AUTO-STOR classification system is unique in the industry and helps customers create processes and policies around different data types, user groups, and storage types. With its integration into NetApp open APIs, the ARKIVIO software can now take direct advantage of Data ONTAP software to efficiently move data to the right storage tier based on the data's value to the business as captured in the ARKIVIO classification system. The integration with Data ONTAP provides end users with transparent access to archived data and provides for the automatic return of the data to a primary NetApp storage solution when the data's business value increases. Arkivio has also implemented the n+1 failover capability that is provided in the API set so that archived data is always available for end-user access.

"ARKIVIO® AUTO-STOR has become the essential application for file system based storage environments and now we have expanded our capabilities on the market leading NetApp enterprise storage solutions," said Giovanni Paliska, president and CEO of Arkivio. "Today's announcement provides quality ILM solutions across the NetApp product line, including the recently announced FAS3000 series."

"ARKIVIO® AUTO-STOR software integration with NetApp Data ONTAP helps customers to make intelligent decisions about how they manage their information across our primary and secondary unified storage systems" said Patrick Rogers, vice president of Products and Partners at Network Appliance. "This integration allows our customers to simulate the expected ROI and cost-savings when implementing NetApp enterprise storage solutions."

"ARKIVIO® AUTO-STOR is garnering high levels of enterprise customer attention because it solves a key ILM challenge: ARKIVIO software integrates discovery, classification and data management into one solution, across Windows and Unix platforms," said Brad O'Neil, senior analyst for the Taneja Group. "ARKIVIO® AUTO-STOR customers correctly see this as a great alternative to cobbling 3 or 4 products together on their own."

"Along these lines," continued O'Neil, "the ARKIVIO software's deeper integration with the NetApp open API is another smart move. It enables NetApp customers to take full advantage of Data ONTAP as they are implementing their ILM solutions with NetApp storage systems as well as with heterogeneous storage."

About Arkivio
Arkivio, Inc., providing leading Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) solutions for enterprise customers, offers software for data archiving and retention, regulatory compliance, storage consolidation, backup and recovery optimization, and capacity management across a tiered-storage infrastructure. The company's ARKIVIO® AUTO-STOR software redefines storage management by enabling customers to profile the criticality of their data within its lifecycle in order to automate its discovery, classification and placement on the most appropriate storage resource across heterogeneous DAS/NAS/SAN environments without deploying agents - driving the cost per managed terabyte of storage to its lowest possible level, while providing significant ROI.

For more information on ARKIVIO® AUTO-STOR and its customer solutions, visit or contact Arkivio at: 2700 Garcia Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94043; Phone (877) 275-0100; Fax (650) 237-9183.

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