Customers and Partners Worldwide Voice Support for Symantec and VERITAS Merger

Cupertino, Calif. - July 5, 2005 - Customers and partners of Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) continue to voice strong support for the Symantec-VERITAS merger, specifically highlighting the benefit of having a single source for industry-leading solutions to help secure and manage critical information assets. The combined company's product and service offerings, coupled with the expertise of its global partner community, are uniquely positioned to deliver information security and availability solutions across all major IT platforms to all customers-consumers, small businesses, large organizations, and service providers.

Customers Praise Union of Software Industry Leaders
Symantec will provide its customers with a broad range of storage and security solutions at every tier of the enterprise. Customers around the world look forward to having a single vendor that can meet their security and storage needs and help reduce the complexity and cost of managing their IT infrastructures.

The Chicago Board of Trade has been driving the standard in futures trading since 1848. The exchange has standardized on VERITAS products for storage management and data protection across its enterprise and uses Symantec information security solutions to protect its critical trading applications and customer information.

"The commodities and futures markets are fiercely competitive and both VERITAS and Symantec have helped keep the Chicago Board of Trade ahead of the competition," said Mark Dixon, vice president of technical services, Chicago Board of Trade. "From a leadership perspective, we have a great deal of confidence in the merger of these two companies. The integration of the two product lines and management teams will better meet our needs as an enterprise customer and we look forward to working with Symantec to help secure and manage our most critical data."

Strategic Partners Voice Support for Symantec
The technology industry's leaders look forward to continuing a long history of collaboration with Symantec to build, market, and support solutions that will ultimately help customers cost-effectively and efficiently manage heterogeneous IT infrastructures.

Symantec and Network Appliance joined forces in 2001 to provide customers with advanced antivirus protection by adding Symantec's award-winning antivirus scanning technology across the NetApp® line of storage and content-delivery products. VERITAS and NetApp have a long-standing strategic alliance and recently delivered new, integrated disk-based data protection and data management solutions as a result of a two-year co-development effort.

"The Symantec and VERITAS merger marries data availability and security to provide a very compelling solution for data-hungry and information-driven customers," said Suresh Vasudevan, senior vice president, Product Management and Business Units at Network Appliance. "NetApp customers can benefit tremendously from this merger as we continue to expand our joint solution development and tighten interoperability with existing and future Symantec and VERITAS products."

Global Channel Partners Laud Promise of the New Symantec
With the completion of the merger, channel partners will have new opportunities to deliver greater value to customers through the combined company's industry-leading portfolio of solutions for information security and availability.

CompuCom Systems Inc., a Symantec Enterprise Security Partner, is a recognized leader in helping companies plan, design, implement, and manage multi-vendor industry-standard computing environments.

"Ensuring 24/7/365 availability and security of information-an irreplaceable asset-is a challenge faced by most of our clients today. To combat these issues, we help them take a more holistic view of information management," said Mark Dalton, vice president of software sales, CompuCom Systems Inc. "By partnering with Symantec, we are better positioned to address a broader set of needs, add value to the client lifecycle, and establish long-term relationships."

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About Symantec
Symantec is the world leader in providing solutions to help individuals and enterprises assure the security, availability, and integrity of their information. Headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., Symantec has operations in more than 40 countries. More information is available at

Customers Praise Union of Software Industry Leaders


"Hyundai Department Store has a very sophisticated IT infrastructure and we are always looking for ways to increase efficiency. The combination of VERITAS and Symantec will provide us a single vendor who can meet all of our information security and data management needs. As a result, Symantec will help us reduce complexity in our data center and drive down the cost of managing our systems."

- Jong-Soon Kim, CIO, Hyundai Department Store

"The merger of Symantec and VERITAS holds significant potential for enterprise customers such as SMART Communications. While only a VERITAS customer today, we see the integrated product roadmap and greater product breadth as a real plus moving forward."

- Wilhelmina D. Cruz, CIO, SMART Communications, Inc.


"The integration of the world leader in storage software and the world leader in security software is great news for LogicaCMG. In the telecommunications sector, we are continually striving to reduce the complexity of securing and managing information. The new Symantec organization will help us to balance the need to both secure information and make it available, thus ensuring its integrity."

- Peter Broekroelofs, VP Marketing and Strategy The Netherlands, LogicaCMG

"As one of the most competitive and successful teams in Formula One racing, the Renault F1 Team welcomes the merger between VERITAS Software and Symantec. The combined organization will enable the team to secure car and race information, make it available, and ensure its integrity. We believe that information integrity provides the most cost-effective, responsive way to keep the team ahead in the face of system failures, Internet threats, or other unplanned outages."

- Graeme Hackland, IT Manager, Renault F1 Team

North America

"Symantec is no longer a security company; it is a growing information integrity enterprise. This recent acquisition of VERITAS is an effort to create convergence between two logical components, one being security of the core information and the other the availability and reliability of that important core data."

- David Jordan, Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer, Arlington County

"Symantec and VERITAS have been trusted vendors for LandAmerica for the past several years. We understand the tight synergy between information security and data protection and expect the merger will result in a single entity that can better meet our business and technology requirements, while reducing the complexity of our infrastructure."

- Robert Kuntz Jr., Director of Infrastructure Services, LandAmerica

Strategic Alliance Partners Voice Support for Symantec

"The merger between Symantec and VERITAS is the ideal complement to Nortel's recently-announced relationship with Symantec as it underscores the importance of integrating security and the network. Nortel's commitment to open standards for security and networking aligns with VERITAS' commitment to an open architecture for storage solutions and supports our customers' need for storage, networking, and security to come together seamlessly from the core of the network to the desktop."

-Bill Owens, Vice Chairman and CEO, Nortel

"The merger of Symantec and VERITAS Software is a direct reflection of the fact that the market is asking for an integration of security and availability. As a service organization, we always want to present the best solution to our customers' business problems in the most convenient, cost-effective way. The formal merger of security and storage integrates well with our IT-Continuity Service and will enable us to deliver even greater value and a more seamless experience to our customers."

-Neil Allpress, Senior Vice President, Siemens Business Services

"Sun has a longstanding partnership with both Symantec and VERITAS and we look forward to evolving our relationship with the combined company in the future. A strong security and storage company focused on Solaris 10, SPARC and x86 and the evolution of Sun's storage and systems portfolio will benefit us and our customers."

-Jonathan Schwartz, President & COO, Sun Microsystems

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Global Channel Partners Laud Promise of the New Symantec


"For a partner of both organizations, like Datacraft Asia, the merger of Symantec and VERITAS is a positive step in the consolidation of the IT industry. Closer integration of the business continuity and security functions is a growing factor in the market and the Symantec-VERITAS merger makes this a reality in terms of technologies. We expect to be better able to serve our customers with the technologies of the unified Symantec and VERITAS organization."

- Keri Lewis, General Manager - Security Solutions, Datacraft Asia

"Networld congratulates all on this merger of two brilliant companies. Networld in Japan is a longtime partner of both Symantec and VERITAS. Furthermore, we have unique technical value to provide professional services to customers regarding a broad range of product lines from the two companies. We strongly believe that Symantec and VERITAS will be successful in matching the synergies between security and high availability, and Networld hopes to share in that great success with the new Symantec. To achieve that goal, Networld commits the continuous investment of our company's resources to the new Symantec solutions."

- Yasuhiko Nakamura, President and CEO, Networld


"Storage and security have long been defined by Ementor as key focus areas within our Nordic markets. As it is Ementor's strategy to work very closely with fewer partners, we welcome the merger. Symantec and VERITAS have been recognized as Value Added Partners within Ementor and with the merger we see many benefits arising. The message to the market will be stronger as the new broader portfolio will cover more of our customers' pain points. Furthermore, the relationship between us will improve as dealing with one organization instead of two makes it easier for us to develop the right connections at all levels."

- Jan Lomholdt, Vice President Technologies and Partners, Ementor

"Data availability is one of the most important pillars of IT security. The merger of Symantec and VERITAS Software is a logical step as their customers are now offered an extended data availability product portfolio from a single source. Ensuring both data security and data availability is an essential prerequisite for the risk management operations of our enterprise customers. This merger enables Secunet to provide its customers with even more comprehensive solutions in the future."

- Dr. Rainer Baumgart, CEO, Secunet Security Networks AG

Latin America

"Customers are looking to reduce the complexity and cost of managing their IT infrastructure and drive efficiency with fewer suppliers. The combined company represents the opportunity to address our customers' growing needs and to help us provide a wide range of solutions to achieve a needed convergence between information security and availability."

- Jorge Sukarie Neto, President, Brasoftware

"We see the Symantec-VERITAS merger as a strategic move because the solutions of these two companies will help us deliver on our company's mission to ensure the security, integrity, availability, and continuity of our customers' business-critical applications and data in a seamless manner."

- Enrique Chapa, Brand Manager, Microsistemas Gerenciales, S.A. de C.V.

North America

"The number one priority for our customers is complete data protection for mission-critical information. The Symantec-VERITAS merger will help us give our customers the very best possible solution to both secure and manage data across many different platforms that most companies have today. We are also excited about the prospect of working closely with the combined company's new channel team."

- Kevin McCann, Vice President, Continental Resources, Inc.

"CIOs currently have more vendor relationships than they really care to have as they work to manage their IT infrastructure. The merger of Symantec and VERITAS means that enterprise customers will have a cost-effective and comprehensive option for securing and managing their information assets while also being able to reduce the complexity of the process. CBE looks forward to building on its relationship with Symantec to offer a larger range of solutions to our existing and prospective customer base, ultimately meeting a broader set of customer needs and engaging with decision-makers at various levels in the customer organization."

- Christopher B. Doggett, Senior Vice President, FireTower (a CBE Technologies company)

"Both Symantec and VERITAS have significantly contributed to the growth of MOCA's software segment. There is a logical link between Symantec's security Internet Protocol and VERITAS' vast storage management Internet Protocol. We have high regard for both management teams and look forward to seeing the combined company multiply its strength in the marketplace through products and partner-led sales engagements. We expect this merger to be good for the enterprise software business opportunity."

- Rich Severa, President, MOCA Division of Arrow Electronics

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