Commvault's Second Generation Qinetix Suite Dramatically Advances Lifecycle Data Management

CommVault® QiNetix™, the only Unified Data Management™ software solution, expands users' options to use a single tiered storage infrastructure to protect and recover data for backup, replication, archiving, and compliance needs

Oceanport, N.J. - November 8, 2004 -- CommVault®, a provider of Unified Data Management solutions, today launched the second generation of its QiNetix Unified Data Management software suite. This second generation QiNetix software allows a customer's IT department to place data on the optimum storage medium, matching cost, access and recoverability to service level requirements. Unlike competitive solutions consisting of a loose collection of separate point products, CommVault's QiNetix suite is built on a common technology platform eliminating the need for users to build and maintain multiple back-end repositories to manage data access and availability for different business needs. This major new release has robust capabilities to help customers recover data faster in complex, heterogeneous networked storage environments as well as automate lifecycle policy operations by the intelligent cooperation of different QiNetix modules.

"While its competitors are just starting to talk about the value of integrated data management solutions, CommVault is way ahead with its QiNetix Unified Data Management platform," said Steve Duplessie, founder and senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. "New and enhanced features further separate them from the competition, and give users the functionality they need today - improving the quality and speed of data recovery, simplifying backup while taking full advantage of solutions like disk-based backup - this is more of what users need, and CommVault continues to deliver."

CommVault recently posted 12 consecutive quarters of double-digit, year-on-year revenue growth. The company currently has over 2,000 customers with QiNetix products installed at more than 2,800 sites. The QiNetix suite includes backup/recovery, replication, automated data migration, archiving, storage resource management and service level management features. From a single console, the suite components share automated policy management and common job and event managers on the front-end and distributed metadata indexes, media management, and copy management on the back-end. The new QiNetix suite further leverages the efficiencies of the Unified Data Management platform to ease, automate and reduce the cost of data management. Significant new enhancements take data recovery to a higher degree of service than other products on the market.

"With this latest release of QiNetix, CommVault has once again demonstrated that they listen to our requirements and quickly deliver robust data and storage management software that protects data, cuts costs and makes our jobs easier," said David Free, an IT network systems consultant, from a large California-based insurance company. "Here, we have 36 sites where data and storage need to be managed, a monumental task if done with point products. With the QiNetix unified approach, we have a centralized view of our data and storage that lets us keep our finger on the pulse and adjust operations to meet our service levels."

Customers will particularly benefit in two key areas: faster recovery and smarter management of tiered storage environments.

Faster Recovery
QiNetix enhances capabilities to speed recovery time from individual files to full applications and provides unified views of protected data. It integrates several technologies to recover data as quickly as needed.

With the new and expanded offerings, QiNetix customers can:

  • Easily integrate snapshot replication functions with traditional backup processes - Recovery Director is a new feature providing a user-friendly interface to simplify administration of data protection operations integrating snapshots and replication technologies to create higher availability and faster recoverability of critical data. From a single view, customers can automatically sequence several activities through one policy manager.
  • Integrate seamlessly with emerging disk-based recovery technologies - The second generation of QiNetix continues CommVault's leadership in seamless integration with its partners' advanced data protection technologies including Network Appliance's SnapVault for faster protection of vital data on filers and open systems. Also included is support for Hitachi Data Systems' copy technologies for open systems and Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) for high performance protection of Windows data in heterogeneous hardware environments.
  • Quickly restore an entire system - 1-Touch Restore is a new option allowing the user to quickly and easily recover an entire server (data, operating system and system files) simply by inserting a CD which automatically links to information kept in the QiNetix database. The result is a much simpler and more reliable full-system restore than traditional 'bare metal recovery' products.
  • Increase reliability across enterprise platforms - Another new feature, Readiness Check, performs a pre-operation check of all components in the data path prior to job execution to assure completion of critical data movement applications.
  • Gain resilient network connectivity - New features help ensure continuous operation, even across wide area network connections.

Smarter Tiered Storage Management
With added functionality in QiNetix, customers can manage data more efficiently and cost-effectively throughout its lifecycle. Archiving for compliance and capacity management advantages help QiNetix customers:

  • Meet compliance strategies and protect personal archive files - New features in the QiNetix DataArchiver product include advanced content indexing and search features critical for full compliance as well as automated re-migration and indexing of personal archive files (like Microsoft Exchange PST files). Other DataArchiver enhancements include faster performance and full support for NetApp NearStore with SnapLock to deliver on SEC compliant WORM-storage and content addressable storage devices, including EMC Centera.
  • Use policies to manage capacity - The QiNetix DataMigrator product upgrades include automated data migration support for NAS filers. Another important enhancement allowing customers to automatically start migration jobs based on SRM findings.
  • Create, manage, and synchronize data copies with multiple retention requirements - The QiNetix common technology approach simplifies the task of managing multiple copies of data, presenting a single view of backup, disaster recovery, snapshot, and archived copies. Data copies can be transparently migrated through a tiered storage environment via policies to satisfy retention and availability requirements at the lowest possible cost.
  • Conduct advanced analysis, reporting and trending across the QiNetix platform - Included in this release are expanded reporting and alerting mechanisms to give the customer a detailed view across all their data management operations. This includes a storage cost analysis feature to assist customers in ensuring data is appropriately stored according to its business value.

"This is another major leap forward with our Unified Data Management platform," said Bob Hammer, chairman and CEO of CommVault Systems. "These advancements help customers recover data faster and manage data and storage in ever-changing, complex environments. We've got a significant technical advantage that gives us the ability to deliver cost-effective solutions reaching far beyond the competition to ease and automate our customers' data and storage management at the lowest possible cost."

Pricing and Availability
The second generation of QiNetix software products are targeted for general availability in November 2004. For more information about the CommVault QiNetix Unified Data Management solution, order your free Enterprise Strategy Group brief today.

Industry leaders offering perspective on CommVault's QiNetix include:

Data Mobility Group
Dianne McAdam, partner and senior analyst
"CommVault's next generation QiNetix takes data management to the next level. Automating the data recovery process significantly diminishes one of the most common problems with restoring data -- human error," said Dianne McAdam senior analyst and partner for Data Mobility Group. "Product sophistication of this kind demonstrates that CommVault truly understands data management, backup and archival."

Dragon Slayer Consulting
Marc Staimer, founder and CDS
"Customers in pursuit of an information lifecycle management strategy are faced with two choices - a collection of point products or an integrated platform approach," said Marc Staimer, founder, Dragon Slayer. "If it's integration you are after, CommVault is the solitary choice."

Enterprise Strategy Group
Steve Duplessie, founder and senior analyst
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Evaluator Group
Evangeline Simones, analyst
"Migrating data between storage applications has been a somewhat arduous task," said Evangeline Simone, analyst for Evaluator Group. "CommVault's unified approach allows end users to share data seamlessly between storage applications and optimize their disk storage in a tiered storage environment."

Bill North, software utilities & backup research director
"Keeping data synchronized between backup, archival and snapshot copies is key to providing a comprehensive data management solution," said Bill North, research director of storage software, International Data Corporation (IDC). "CommVault's QiNetix provides single console, integrated management of such multiple copies, potentially reducing both the complexity and cost of managing a tiered storage environment. By automating data movement and migration, and by providing content indexing of archived data, QiNetix can bring its customers several steps closer to a true data lifecycle management solution."

Taneja Group
Alex Gorbansky, data storage analyst
"A significant user benefit with CommVault's new second generation QiNetix suite is the ability to view data on a broad continuum--at the application, service level, infrastructure, and total cost of ownership levels," said Alex Gorbansky, data storage analyst, Taneja Group.

Yankee Group
Stephanie Balaouras, senior analyst
"Many storage management software providers are talking about enabling the ability to measure the costs associated with storage," said Stephanie Balaouras, senior analyst, Yankee Group. "With its new QiNetix suite, CommVault is actually delivering these cost comparisons today with robust reporting features that the competition is currently not able to provide."


"We applaud CommVault's latest QiNetix release," says Scott Roza, vice president of sales and marketing at ADIC. "This second generation of QiNetix, combined with ADIC intelligent libraries, delivers a backup solution for heterogeneous networked storage environments with the kind of performance, ease of use, and flexibility that our customers require to address their growing data storage requirements."

Hitachi Data Systems
"Hitachi Data Systems has worked with CommVault to integrate our storage and replication software with the QiNetix product suite to provide seamless disk-based data protection. HDS is pleased to make these latest advancements available to our customers," said Jack Domme, vice president, Storage Management Software, Hitachi Data Systems. "Combined, CommVault QiNetix and Hitachi Data Systems storage products offer customers fast, reliable recovery of their storage environments."

Network Appliance, Inc.
"Integrating CommVault back-up and restore application software with NetApp storage systems further demonstrates our joint commitment to developing robust disk-based backup solutions for enterprise data center environments," said Patrick Rogers, vice president of marketing at Network Appliance. "Second Generation QiNetix integrated with NetApp SnapVault, SnapLock and our industry leading NearStore solution provides customers with a way to economically and securely store backup and compliance data online for fast recovery. With increasing frequency, customers are choosing to replace their existing tape-based solutions with these new and innovative disk-based solutions."

"The proliferation of Linux-based scale-out architectures with complex storage requirements has created a need for high-performance data management solutions, that are simple, fast and scalable," said Matt O'Keefe, director of storage services, Red Hat. "We are pleased that this latest release of CommVault QiNetix is available and tested for our Red Hat Enterprise Linux customers."

"This release of CommVault QiNetix advances their unified data management concept and complements StorageTek's information lifecycle management strategy," said Cameron van Orman, StorageTek director of strategic alliances. "Their QiNetix solution offers high-performance software products that can be used stand-alone or integrated to ease and automate IT operations."

"The real cost of deploying networked storage should be measured not only by cost of acquisition but by value delivered over time," said Michael Stolz, executive vice president of marketing, Xiotech. "The latest release of CommVault QiNetix, coupled with our Magnitude 3D and Magnitude 3D NAS solutions, means that Small to Medium Enterprises will lower their storage TCO through the integration of advanced data protection and tiered storage management. Most importantly, the overall simplicity of our joint solution means that our customers can enjoy the benefits of better performance, higher reliability, and greater control over their environments."

About CommVault Systems, Inc.
CommVault Systems, Inc. provides Unified Data Management solutions to ensure high-performance data protection, universal availability and simplified management of complex storage networks. The CommVault QiNetix suite, based on CommVault's Common Technology Engine, provides the ultimate data protection: managing data throughout its lifecycle via integrated backup/recovery, migration, archiving, replication and storage management. Information about CommVault is available on the World Wide Web at or by calling (732) 870-4000. CommVault's corporate headquarters is located in Oceanport, New Jersey in the United States.

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