Vignette Document and Records Management Offers Customers Broad Support for Leading Storage Platforms

Austin, Texas - October 5, 2004 - Vignette Corp. today announced expanded support for industry-leading storage products, directly integrating document, image and Web transaction storage with Vignette's document and records management offerings. In continued response to customer demand for choices in integrated electronic documents and records storage, Vignette has added support for Network Appliance products to existing support for enterprise storage platforms from EMC, HP and Sun Microsystems.

Vignette's leadership in providing broad support for multiple vendors allows organizations to leverage both legacy and state-of-the-art systems as they address the challenges of managing documents and records in an increasingly stringent regulatory environment. With expansions in government, legal and business requirements continuing to drive new types and higher volumes of electronic records, organizations need flexibility in storage options to adapt. Vignette provides extensive support for emerging standards in tamper-proof records storage, and continued support for a variety of storage solutions, including optical drives and storage networks.

"The increased focus not only on retaining electronic records but also on providing more timely access to those records has underscored the need for a range of storage options, including devices that provide for tamper-proof storage," said Carolyn DiCenzo, Vice President of Research at Gartner. "The type of storage for electronic records will change over the life of the information, and the selection of storage media will depend on access time requirements and cost trade-offs. Records management vendors need to support the wide range of storage solutions that customers may wish to deploy as they look to be compliant in the most effective and economical way."

Vignette's document and records management solutions power the automated processing and storage of extraordinary volumes of data for some of the world's most efficient organizations.

"To date, West Bend Mutual Insurance Company has a repository of more than 30 million pages of records. To increase customer service and develop a more efficient method of handling and routing documents throughout the enterprise, we turned to Vignette," said Tom Lindell, senior vice president and chief information officer for West Bend Mutual Insurance Company. "We automated our formerly paper-based business processes, giving immediate, online access to claims and underwriting information from new and legacy information processing systems."

Vignette® Records & Documents allows customers to manage documents, images and Web transactions through a business process and archive the records on demand or by policy to a variety of supported storage devices. The Vignette approach directly meets customers' needs to quickly access, retrieve and destroy documents according to internal policy, regulatory requirements and business rules.

"A constant business challenge for all our customers is storing, managing and efficiently retrieving electronic documents. Whether spurred by regulations, financial compliance, improved customer service or e-commerce, companies face rapidly filling storage platforms and a range of options to increase storage capacity," said David Shirk, senior vice president of products, strategy and worldwide marketing at Vignette. "Vignette document and records solutions lead the way in providing customers with a powerful range of pre-built and configurable integration options for the industry's top storage solution providers."

By supporting the platforms of each of the key enterprise storage vendors, Vignette allows its customers to choose the right fit for storing and protecting the data that drives their business.

Roy Sanford, vice president of Content Addressed Storage at EMC, said, "We are pleased to support our partners' efforts in the development and adoption of EMC Centera for Enterprise Archive solutions. Integration with application providers such as Vignette enables us to deliver the power and benefits of EMC Centera content addressed storage (CAS) to our mutual customers. The integration of Vignette's document and records management offerings with EMC's CAS platform gives organizations an additional choice for managing and archiving the rapidly growing amount of unstructured data in their environments."

"Faced with increasing competition and regulatory requirements, companies must look for information lifecycle management solutions that support their overall business processes and efficiency goals," said Rusty Smith, director of Information Lifecycle Management, HP. "HP gives customers a big head start in this effort through native integration of HP StorageWorks with Vignette Documents & Records."

"We are pleased that Vignette has integrated its IDM solution with the NetApp SnapLock™ regulatory-compliant storage solution," said Patrick Rogers, vice president of marketing at Network Appliance. "Enterprises - be they in the financial services, energy, federal, or healthcare industries - require a document and content management system to help maintain and manage electronic records. They also require an equally powerful storage solution that helps enforce the retention and access policies of their ECM system. Together, Vignette and NetApp are helping customers ensure that relevant records are preserved and protected from tampering for the required retention period with a flexible approach to data storage, versus a one-stack proprietary approach."

"The Sun™ Content Infrastructure System is the industry's first fully integrated, end-to-end deployment platform for Enterprise Content Management. Applications such as Vignette Records & Documents can now be easily and quickly deployed by service providers, enterprises and governments to meet stringent security and compliance requirements," said Enis Konuk, vice president of storage and data management for Sun Microsystems' Global and Geographic Practice Leadership Team. "Based on open standards and interoperability, the Sun Content Infrastructure System incorporates multitiered Sun storage and archiving, scalable Sun Enterprise servers, network computing infrastructure, and Sun Java Enterprise System-ready capability all in a single system. Sun and Vignette customers can now achieve faster time to market by accelerating the deployment of Vignette Records & Documents without sacrificing on security, compliance and system performance."

In addition to integration and compatibility testing with leading storage media from EMC, HP, Network Appliance and Sun Microsystems, Vignette Records & Documents is certified with the US DoD 5015.2 standard to deliver a secure, reliable and scalable document and records management solution.

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