Network Appliance Expands Data Retention Solution for Long-Term Storage

Sunnyvale, Calif. - September 23, 2003 -- Network Appliance, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTAP), today announced that it has expanded its SnapLock solution to include a new version of the software: SnapLock Enterprise. SnapLock Enterprise is designed for customers who are not required by government regulation to store data as nonerasable or nonrewritable, but want a solution that gives them the assurance that important data and business records will remain accurate, safe from modification, and accessible online for the amount of time they deem necessary before choosing to delete or reuse the stored data.

Applications where customers are looking to utilize SnapLock Enterprise are architectural design, automotive design, customer records management for nonfinancial transactions (such as consumer goods purchase histories), safe storage for genomic or biotech research, and seismic data storage for oil and gas exploration.

NetApp's SnapLock Compliance solution along with the NearStore® family of nearline storage, remains the industry benchmark for disk-based WORM (write once, read many) solutions in regulated data applications, as mandated by recent data- and records-retention/-retrieval legislation such as SEC 17a-4 and HIPAA. Last quarter NearStore was the market leader for nearline storage, shipping over 2.6 petabytes.

"Financial and health enterprises have benefited tremendously from our SnapLock Compliance solution, and market response has been very positive," said Mark Santora, senior vice president of Marketing at Network Appliance. "But customers in other verticals who are not affected by regulations or legislation that specifies what kind of storage they must use to comply with recent data- and records-retention legislation, have requested WORM functionality on NetApp® storage. In response, we developed SnapLock Enterprise, which provides the same disk-based write-once, read-many functionality, management ease, and low cost of ownership that SnapLock Compliance offers, but with some added flexibility to delete volumes as needed and maximize their IT investment by reusing the freed up storage space for new data."

SnapLock Enterprise is available immediately for NetApp NearStore and FAS900 series systems, as well as for the FAS200 series systems that were also announced today (details in a separate press release). Data managed by SnapLock Enterprise software can be stored on the same NetApp system as other non-SnapLock data, offering customers maximum flexibility and benefit from their storage investment.

"Data retention and compliance regulations vary greatly from industry to industry and even between different lines of business inside an organization. Dividing disk-based WORM functionality into two distinct segments for regulated and non-regulated data is a smart move," said Peter Gerr at Enterprise Storage Group. "The value of information changes depending on its age and strategic relevance to the enterprise. Financial statements or medical records for example, may have more stringent privacy and retention requirements than inter-office memos or digital photographs. Smart organizations are now adopting technologies that allow them to first identify and then manage different classes of data with the appropriate levels of protection, security, retention, and availability. Many firms need fast, reliable WORM storage but aren't held to the strict standards of the SEC's rules for broker/dealers. For these customers, SnapLock Enterprise is an intelligent yet flexible solutions that allow organizations to address today's data storage reality and represent rapid innovation in meeting customers' long-term data-retention needs."

The SnapLock Solution Difference

SnapLock WORM attributes make important data and business records-that must remain unaltered and accessible online for long periods of time-nonerasable and nonrewritable. SnapLock is designed to overcome current archival media limitations such as slow search and retrieval performance and poor reliability, and also offers a lower total cost of ownership versus the expense of managing tape or optical alternatives.

NetApp SnapLock software utilizes open, industry-standard protocols, such as CIFS and NFS, allowing customers to access business records without difficulty and enabling third-party application vendors to experience simple and rapid seamless technology integration. These factors distinguish SnapLock from other magnetic disk-based WORM solutions that require applications to write to proprietary, closed APIs that make access and integration more challenging.

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