McCann Erickson Upgrades Storage Capacity and Achieves Solid ROI from Consolidation with Network Appliance

Sydney, Australia - May 19, 2003
-- Needing to consolidate an ever rapidly increasing volume of images, video, graphics, and copy, advertising agency McCann Erickson Sydney has doubled the capacity of its Network Appliance™ storage system, delivering greater efficiency and significant cost and time savings. The upgrade to one terabyte of raw capacity will also facilitate the company's move to Microsoft® Exchange.

McCann Erickson Sydney is a branch of the world's largest advertising agency, McCann Erickson WorldGroup. It produces print, radio, and television advertising content for high-profile clients such as Microsoft, Coca Cola, Mastercard, and Cathay Pacific. While the advertising industry is currently experiencing lean times, McCann Erickson Sydney is steadily winning new business and has opened a new regional office in Canberra, in addition to its offices in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

With a head count nearing 350 nationally, the company's previous strategy of adding general-purpose servers to its network to increase available storage space had quickly become time consuming, expensive, and inefficient.

In an effort to simplify and reorganize McCann's storage architecture, National Information Technology Manager Brett Winn invested in a Network Appliance storage solution, enabling the company to consolidate its storage onto one system while still maintaining some data on Windows general-purpose servers.

Winn says the financial and time saving benefits have been significant and unmistakable. He says he didn't realize how much time he and his IT team were spending on storage until the NetApp system was installed. "We were wasting about 20 percent of our time copying files and moving data to and fro. Now one person spends an hour a week ensuring the software is up-to-date. This has freed up time for other things and made our storage strategy simple and very manageable," he said.

Winn credits Network Appliance with the robustness and ease of use of its products, and praises the company's technical support. "We no longer have to worry about storage management because NetApp is a rock-solid, user-friendly product. The equipment has not faulted a day. We're easily able to make minor changes to its configuration, and NetApp's technical team can spot and fix any issues that might arise before we are even aware of them."

Now, with McCann's ever expanding business, the company is seeing an increased demand for faster data availability and the need to store more and more information. Winn stated, "We are currently thinking about how to traffic information and further consolidate storage, and the Network Appliance range of products falls very much in line with our needs."

Network Appliance Marketing Manager Harry Christian says media industries are prime beneficiaries of simplified storage architectures. "As the very creativity of its employees is the commodity of the media industry, storing large quantities of images, graphics, documents and video is critical to a company's success. After two-and-a-half years, we are pleased to continue our strong relationship with McCann Erickson."

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