Interwoven Launches Universal Distribution Solution, Extending Proven Code and Content Delivery Capability for Any Internet-Based Application Environment

Sunnyvale, CA - February 24, 2003 -- Interwoven Inc. (Nasdaq: IWOV), a world leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), has released a universal code and content distribution solution powered by a new version of Interwoven OpenDeploy, a 5th generation content distribution product. Available for the first time as a stand-alone offering, the new solution delivers a secure, cost-effective, and automated way to simultaneously distribute code and content for Internet-based applications across all parts of a worldwide corporate network.

As the volume of content continues to grow rapidly within the enterprise, customers have recognized that current Internet-based business applications such as enterprise portals, eCommerce, and CRM are difficult and expensive to synchronize, especially worldwide. Frequent, potentially large updates of code and content such as Web services and documents, to a rising number of network destinations have overwhelmed existing distribution solutions. Today, customers demand a secure, open distribution solution to replace inadequate homegrown solutions that are unsecured, expensive to maintain, and difficult to scale.

"The content-rich Web application has emerged, but the gaps between tool sets that support their creation and delivery is a challenge to be bridged," said Rob Lancaster, senior analyst for Internet Business Strategies at the Yankee Group. "Interwoven OpenDeploy is intended to facilitate the final step of deploying the combined code and content to the production servers and provides an immediate return on investment by reducing time and resources required to run deployments and build custom scripts."

Interwoven Product Innovation Continues to Address Customer Needs

More than 750 Interwoven customers are already taking advantage of OpenDeploy's distribution capabilities, primarily as a complement to the Interwoven TeamSite content management system. However, the increasing number of Internet-based applications has created a critical need for a unified solution that can support distribution from a variety of code and content management systems. Key benefits of Interwoven's new open enterprise distribution solution include:

  • The stand-alone offering can be used both in conjunction with Interwoven TeamSite software as well as other content and code management software products;
  • Proven ability to reduce distribution costs by an average of 50% by automating traditionally manual, error-prone, inefficient processes;
  • Ensures content and code reflected in applications worldwide are accurate, secure, and easily synchronized enterprise-wide;
  • Uniquely eliminates risk and high costs associated with incorrect or stale code and content.

Mazda North America Operations-All Content, Any Time
Mazda North American Operations (Mazda) is using Interwoven OpenDeploy to provide a secure, flexible, and scalable solution for cross-platform, transactional content transfer to numerous production servers. "Interwoven OpenDeploy makes it possible for Mazda to distribute and replicate all types of content including office documents-anywhere, anytime," said JimDiMarzio, CIO and director at Mazda. "Interwoven OpenDeploy has substantially reduced the resources needed for content distribution, thereby reducing costs."

Key Features of Interwoven Enterprise Content Distribution

Interwoven OpenDeploy software is the cornerstone of the company's universal content distribution solution. The latest version of the product announced today, OpenDeploy 5.6 features the following enhancements:

  • Multi-tiered Transactional Deployment-Ensures integrity of code and content by synchronizing distribution across multiple tiers of servers;
  • Reporting-Users quickly determine results of any and all distribution jobs, providing a traceable, auditable snapshot for all code and content activity;
  • Flexible Integration Support-In response to the market need for an even more open distribution system, OpenDeploy has been enhanced to provide even greater flexibility when integrating external tasks into the distribution process through the Deploy-and-Run facility and the new Delivery Adapter Framework;
  • Database Replication and Syndication-Advanced, add-on modules now support XML-to-database distribution in standalone configurations, as well as end-to-end content syndication capabilities;
  • Security-As with previous versions, OpenDeploy securely distributes content inside and outside firewalls. Content can be encrypted during data transfer to protect enterprise-sensitive information.

"The complexity of the Internet-based application environment within global organizations has grown exponentially over the past few years, and with that growth came the requirement for a cohesive solution for distributing application assets," said Kevin Cochrane, vice president of product management for Interwoven. "With today's release of the new stand-alone solution, Interwoven OpenDeploy can now securely distribute information from a broader set of code and content management systems, as well as synchronize distribution across a greater number of network destinations."

Interwoven Builds Momentum with Partner Support for Content Distribution

To broaden the number of distribution points for OpenDeploy, Interwoven has deepened relationships with two key enterprise partners, Network Appliance and Akamai Technologies. For the first time, customers using OpenDeploy can seamlessly integrate their content management with their content distribution requirements. This will enable users to distribute their content, applications and Web services code directly into a Network Appliance NetCache, or into EdgeSuite-Akamai's global Content Distribution Service.

Using a Network Appliance adapter, Interwoven OpenDeploy pushes content to NetApp NetCache devices. As a result, OpenDeploy users can implement a unified solution for distributing content from development and production-all the way to the edge of the network.

"With the integration of NetApp NetCache appliance, OpenDeploy customers can seamlessly extend their distribution capability all the way to the network edge," said Edward Sharp, director of marketing, Content Delivery Business Unit at Network Appliance. "Mutual customers who have extensive eLearning, streaming media, and application content can now easily manage the distribution process in order to maximize network utilization and the end-user experience. We applaud Interwoven's move to release a more open, scalable distribution solution."

A customer using Interwoven OpenDeploy and the Akamai EdgeSuite offering will now be able to streamline the creation, testing, and delivery of dynamic content and Web applications across Akamai's global platform. "We have a great history of integration that stems from Interwoven TeamSite. With OpenDeploy, we are enabling even tighter integration for customers to seamlessly inject content into the Akamai EdgeSuite service," said Bill Weihl, CTO of Akamai. "The combined solution simplifies the content distribution process, allowing customers to more quickly realize the performance, reliability, and scalability advantages of Akamai's edge technologies."

Channel Support and Availability

"Interwoven offers an open approach to the content distribution challenges occurring in global enterprises today," said Barry Cox, CTO of the Portal and Content Management Service Area, IBM Business Consulting Services. "We have already had success in delivering Interwoven distribution solutions that reduce application management costs for our clients. We look forward to leveraging our services capabilities with the OpenDeploy solution that eliminates inefficient, customized, manually developed code and content distribution processes."

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