Network Appliance and Fujitsu Prime Software Technologies Collaborate on Next-Generation Network Storage Technology

Sunnyvale, CA and Nagoya, Japan - February 3, 2003 -- Network Appliance, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTAP) and Fujitsu Prime Software Technologies Limited, a group company of Fujitsu Limited, announced today that the companies have signed a wide-ranging technical collaboration agreement focused on Direct Access File System (DAFS) technology. DAFS is a high-performance file access technology designed for next-generation clustered server environments.

As part of the agreement, NetApp will develop its user-space DAFS client implementation (uDAFS) for Linux® application server platforms, and license it to Fujitsu Prime Software Technologies. At the same time Fujitsu Prime Software Technologies will develop its kernel-resident DAFS file system implementation (fDAFS) for Linux, and license it to NetApp. Together, these client solutions will bring the advantages of DAFS to a broad range of enterprise applications-making standard server clustering relevant to a wide variety of customer environments. In addition, the companies have agreed to collaborate on the proliferation of DAFS client software and interoperable DAFS storage solutions.

"Fujitsu Prime Software Technology has been an important advocate of DAFS from the beginning, a leading implementer of the technology, and an excellent development partner," said Steve Kleiman, senior vice president and chief technology officer of Network Appliance. "Completing this agreement with Fujitsu Prime Software Technologies brings the advantages of DAFS to a wide range of applications, ultimately encouraging broad adoption of the technology in InfiniBand and 10Gbps Ethernet cluster environments."

Network Appliance and Fujitsu Prime Software Technologies have a history of working individually and cooperatively on DAFS technology. Both companies were significant contributors to the DAFS specification as members of the DAFS Collaborative. Network Appliance was first to market when it added DAFS protocol support to its F800 and FAS900 product families, together with DAFS Database Accelerator client software for Oracle®, IBM® DB2, and Sybase® environments. In addition, NetApp has demonstrated its uDAFS client software in InfiniBand cluster environments. Concurrently, Fujitsu Prime Software Technologies was the first to develop and demonstrate an fDAFS client connected by InfiniBand to a Fujitsu storage system at the Intel Developer Forum, San Francisco in February 2002. Both are active members of the DAFS Implementers Forum in the Storage Networking Industry Association, where they intend to participate in interoperability events.

"Fujitsu group is always trying to embrace the latest technology, in order to present the best value proposition for the customer. The research and development for DAFS technology by Fujitsu Prime Software Technologies is the part of our effort," said Junji Maeyama, Corporate Senior Vice President, Platforms Business Group, Fujitsu Limited. "It is gratifying for Fujitsu Prime Software Technologies to be able to collaborate extensively with Network Appliance-a company which has established a reputation as a technology leader in the network storage arena."

The DAFS protocol is designed to specifically take advantage of emerging standard memory-to-memory cluster interconnect technologies such as InfiniBand and RDMA over TCP/IP. DAFS enables applications to access network interface hardware without operating system intervention and carry out bulk data transfers directly to or from application buffers with minimal CPU overhead. fDAFS client software enables transparent support for any application in the cluster. uDAFS client software enables DAFS-enabled applications to achieve maximum performance and benefit from all the cluster support features provided by the protocol.

With the upcoming rollout of InfiniBand-connected server clusters from the leading server platform vendors, and renewed vendor interest in remote direct memory access (RDMA) technology standards for 10Gb Ethernet, DAFS is expected to be a key enabling technology for a new generation of high-performance, highly scalable, data center applications.

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