Network Appliance Unveils New Unified Storage Solutions

Sunnyvale, CA - October 1, 2002 -- Network Appliance, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTAP) today announced a new unified storage platform, the FAS900 series, that significantly expands the company's solutions portfolio, evolving Network Appliance into a full-line storage supplier. The FAS900 series is Network Appliance's new flagship offering, setting industry-leading standards for storage performance and scalability. And with software updates from Data ONTAP™, the FAS900 series is also the company's first storage appliance to support Fibre Channel SAN environments, enabling Network Appliance to deliver the industry's first unified storage engine capable of handling networked storage in SAN and/or NAS mode. Today's product announcement highlights the expanding role of Network Appliance as a storage innovator, and, most importantly, illustrates how Network Appliance is tailoring solutions that meet its customers' needs for storage consolidation, data center operations, business continuance, and distributed enterprise applications.

Additional products announced today include NetApp® SyncMirror™ software, the NetApp F825, and a 7TB NearStore™ R100 solution. The company also unveiled new professional services to expand its enterprise service portfolio. These products and services firmly establish Network Appliance as a leading full-line enterprise storage solutions supplier for today's data-intensive enterprise, and allow Network Appliance to offer customers the broadest range of compatible storage solutions designed to handle all types of storage configurations.

"Customers analyze application requirements and then ask for a storage solution that best fits the needs of that particular application," said Mark Santora, senior vice president of marketing at Network Appliance. "Today's enterprise has serious business challenges, and technology debates are less important than the ability to achieve high returns at a low cost. As of today, NetApp storage solutions suit the widest range of business needs for the broadest range of data types-bar none. The new products and solutions we are announcing establish a new storage benchmark for the industry and usher in a new range of IT options for today's data-intensive enterprise."

As Steve Duplessie, senior analyst at Enterprise Storage Group added, "Customers need a single storage platform that handles both SAN and NAS for block access and file access. Network Appliance's approach to unified storage offers this solution and eliminates the SAN vs. NAS argument that is no longer relevant for today's data-intensive enterprise."

"With NetApp's new enterprise solutions, SAS has the ability to architect an integrated and unified storage solution that allows us to manage and access information throughout our company using the same platform to access NAS, SAN, and direct-attached storage," said Keith Collins, CTO at SAS Institute. "That is important to our business at SAS, because it further maximizes our IT operations and contributes to driving down our overall software development costs."

"We installed Network Appliance's new FAS960 enterprise SAN solution in a business-critical database application and file serving environment," said Frank Walter, storage solutions consultant at Siemens Industrial Solutions and Services. "Our performance and availability testing provided us with the confidence to deploy the products in our data center operations. By adding NetApp SAN functionality to our environment, we have architected a unified storage infrastructure with both high-performance SAN and NAS connectivity."

Product Details

The FAS900 series establishes new performance, scalability, and capacity thresholds for the storage industry and was designed from the ground up to handle today's compute- and data-intensive enterprise applications including database, data warehousing, collaborative, and messaging environments. Depending on the software running on the FAS900 series, the platform supports a variety of storage topologies, including SAN and NAS, and is therefore the industry's first unified storage engine.

With Fibre Channel protocols, the FAS900-FCP series has already achieved inclusion on the Hardware Compatibility List for Microsoft, and the product has been well received among customers running Microsoft® enterprise applications.

As Santora elaborated, "Network Appliance is bringing to SAN what all SAN implementations to date have sorely lacked-simplicity. Prior SAN products were complex; NetApp has made SAN simpler. And in today's budget- and time-constrained IT departments, simplicity is the win or lose proposition."

As part of the Network Appliance F800 enterprise filer product line, the F825 is a refreshed entry-level version of the enterprise F820 filer designed to offer small- to medium-sized enterprises affordable enterprise-class performance, simplicity, and 3TB of raw data capacity. The F825 lowers total cost of ownership for customers by consolidating multiple filers, decreasing system overhead, and increasing performance for background activities. Both the F825 and F880 systems also now support Fibre Channel SAN environments as well as NAS topologies.

SyncMirror is an enterprise-class solution that delivers synchronous data replication capability and provides data protection for mission-critical applications. By simultaneously writing two copies of a file system on a Network Appliance storage system, SyncMirror provides the highest level of data availability. In the event that one copy becomes unavailable, all data access will be automatically directed to the second copy without human intervention. Additionally, the replicated data can be split off to serve other applications.

In the face of tremendous customer acceptance of the NearStore product line, Network Appliance is extending that family with a new entry-level NearStore offering at 7TBs of raw storage. Offering the same features and benefits of the existing 12TB version of the product, the 7TB NearStore solution provides a lower entry price point for applications with smaller nearline storage needs.

Network Appliance is also extending its enterprise services portfolio with three new services packages and a new nine-step consulting methodology with corresponding professional services. These services are designed to help customers implement SAN solutions in a fast, simple, and reliable way and to provide an integrated "total solution" approach to customer SAN deployments.

Additional product and service details on the FAS900 series and all new solutions are available online at

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