Network Appliance™ DAFS Database Accelerator Available for IBM® DB2® Database Software

Sunnyvale, CA - April 3, 2002 -- Network Appliance, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTAP), a leading provider of enterprise network storage solutions, today announced DAFS Database Accelerator availability for IBM DB2 database software environments. NetApp® enterprise storage solutions scale quickly to meet growing database demands, deploy effortlessly, and offer enterprises full management functionality without adding complexity. The DAFS Database Accelerator, combined with NetApp storage appliances in DB2 environments, delivers better performance than direct-attached or SAN-attached storage while significantly reducing database management complexity.

NetApp DAFS Database Accelerator, the industry's first storage solution to use the DAFS (Direct Access File System) protocol, exploits the capabilities of virtual interface (VI) technology over a Gigabit Ethernet interconnect to enable customers to support larger workloads on existing hardware in high-performance database environments. As part of a large-scale IBM DB2 enterprise deployment, this solution enables Network Appliance to deliver enterprise storage systems that offer a scalable infrastructure, high performance, and low total cost of ownership.

"Network Appliance is committed to developing fully interoperable solutions with IBM's DB2 database software that speed access to mission- and business-critical data for global enterprises," said Ray Villeneuve, vice president of marketing at Network Appliance. "DAFS-based storage solutions help our customers leverage the management functionality and scalability inherent in NetApp storage appliances and take advantage of the performance benefits associated with our DAFS technology in large-scale IBM DB2 environments."

IBM and Network Appliance collaborated on the development of advanced DAFS-based solutions that improve business application performance and simplify integration for global DB2 database deployments. Both companies were significant contributors to the DAFS Collaborative, an 87-company industry initiative that created the DAFS protocol specification. Today, both companies are actively involved in the DAT (Direct Access Transport) Collaborative, an industry group formed to create transport-independent, platform-independent APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to enable applications to take maximum advantage of the capabilities of Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) transports such as the virtual interface and InfiniBand architectures. Standard RDMA interconnects, together with a native file storage protocol (DAFS), promise to dramatically improve the performance, scalability, reliability, and manageability of clustered data center applications such as IBM DB2 UDB Extended Enterprise Edition.

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