Spectra Logic and Network Appliance Team to Deliver Proven Solutions for Rapid Backup, Recovery

Boulder, CO and Sunnyvale, CA - March 20, 2002 -- Spectra Logic, an industry leading manufacturer of high density tape libraries for data protection and backup and Network Appliance, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTAP), a leading provider of enterprise storage solutions, today announced Spectra Logic's support for the Network Appliance NearStore R100, the storage industry's first centralized rapid recovery and backup consolidation solution. This joint effort delivers fast access to data, enabling enterprise customers to restore or retrieve their data on-demand.

Network Appliance NearStore R100 ensures customers the highest levels of data reliability and availability across heterogeneous storage environments. The large capacity of NearStore R100 solutions also enables storage administrators to consolidate management of multiple recovery and backup solutions onto far fewer systems, reducing administration time and allowing IT departments to focus energies elsewhere.

"The Spectra Logic and Network Appliance partnership for NearStore R100 provides customers with a comprehensive storage management offering that combines disk-to-disk near-term restore and the benefits of removable media. This integration of disk and tape technologies provides customers seamless backup and restore options for data migration," said Bill Reed, Spectra Logic's vice president of marketing, business development. "Our business philosophy has always been to solve customer problems and the NearStore solution enables Spectra Logic to further satisfy the needs of customers."

NearStore R100 provides customers with massive storage capacities using inexpensive disk technology for applications including backup consolidation, data migration and archival of infrequently accessed content. All Spectra Logic tape libraries are available for the NearStore R100 solutions, including Spectra 64000 and 12000 enterprise libraries.

"Network Appliance is working closely with Spectra Logic to deliver advanced, complementary solutions that make data migration and archival an easy to manage process," said Mark Santora, senior vice president of marketing at Network Appliance. "We continue to extend the functionality of NetApp solutions by teaming with industry-leading companies like Spectra Logic to deliver greater capabilities to enterprise customers in a variety of industries."

About Network Appliance

Network Appliance, Inc., a leader in enterprise network storage, has been providing data access solutions since 1992, and is a member of both the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ 100 index. Major corporations and service providers, including Citicorp Securities, Lockheed, Merrill Lynch, Oracle, Texas Instruments, and Yahoo!, utilize NetApp® global data management solutions.

The company pioneered the concept of the "network appliance," an extension of the industry trend toward dedicated, specialized products that perform a single function. NetApp storage platforms (NetApp filers, NearStore, and NetCache® appliances) are coupled with powerful data management, content distribution, and reporting software, offering seamless storage management from the corporate data center to the remote office. The Network Appliance product portfolio utilizes the company's innovative data access software, known as the Data ONTAP™ operating system, as well as standards-compliant hardware. It also offers multiprotocol support and transparent integration for UNIX® and Windows® environments.

About Spectra Logic Corporation

Spectra Logic Corporation is a leading manufacturer of high-performance tape automation products providing mission-critical data protection for companies worldwide. Spectra Logic tape library products offer capacities from 60 Gigabytes to hundreds of Terabytes. The Boulder, Colorado-based company's products operate on a broad range of platforms and utilize a wide range of interface configurations to take advantage of rapidly evolving NAS, SAN and direct-attached storage architectures. For more information, contact Spectra Logic by phone at (800) 833-1132, or visit its Web site at www.spectralogic.com.

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