Network Appliance Debuts New Business Continuance Solutions

Sunnyvale, CA - March 19, 2002 -- Network Appliance, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTAP), a leading provider of enterprise storage solutions, today unveiled new offerings designed to maintain the highest levels of data availability and maximize enterprise business continuance. In today's data- and information-intensive economy, minutes of downtime can equate to thousands or even millions of dollars in lost revenue. New hardware and software solutions from Network Appliance are designed to mitigate the risks associated with such downtime, enabling enterprises to realize higher availability of, and greater returns on, their storage investments. Those new solutions include the NearStore™ R100, SnapMirror®, SnapVault™, and SnapRestore®.

Network Appliance has focused its business continuance solutions on meeting the stringent uptime and availability requirements associated with enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM, and DSS systems, as well as a range of financial services and telecommunications applications. The company's business continuance solutions are also ideal for departmental applications that are in the critical path of enterprise time to market.

"While reducing initial deployment costs is important, protecting the intellectual capital that runs enterprise business is far more critical," said Nick Allen, vice president of storage research at Gartner. "Enterprise information is the enterprise's revenue stream, and must be safe and always accessible to employees, customers, and suppliers worldwide. Business continuance solutions can help protect companies from unforeseen data outages and can deliver significantly lower planned downtime."

The NearStore R100 is the first storage appliance to debut in the NearStore product family, and is used for rapid data backup and recovery, archival of infrequently accessed files, and simplified data migration. The NearStore R100 is a key component of the Network Appliance™ business continuance solution set because it backs up and restores data with a speed, consistency, and scalability unmatched in other backup/restore solutions. Unlike alternative technologies, recovery time is measured in seconds and minutes, not hours and days. It is also ideal for consolidating "near-line" data resources (reference and archive data) into one storage platform that can be located and managed centrally, to save on administration costs and expensive data center floor space. The NearStore R100 is available in configurations ranging from 12TB to 96TB, at an attractive list price of roughly two cents (US$0.02) per megabyte. The NearStore R100 complements "online" storage needs, which require rigorous performance like that associated with NetApp® F800 series solutions. The NearStore R100 is now shipping to customers worldwide.

As part of an overall business continuance architecture, SnapMirror offers enterprise-class disaster recovery via fast replication of mission-critical information. SnapMirror enables enterprises to mirror selected mission-critical data sets stored within a single volume for disaster recovery, data distribution, offline testing, and reporting. By mirroring selected data sets and transferring only changed blocks over the network, SnapMirror dramatically lowers network bandwidth requirements. Additional details on SnapMirror are available at

SnapVault, as another component of a business continuance solution, archives and consolidates multiple Snapshot™ copies, a unique function which stores up to 31 read-only versions of a file system, for faster online backup and recovery. SnapVault allows Snapshots from multiple storage appliances to be placed in a common Snapshot on a central repository, such as the NearStore R100. By maintaining multiple Snapshot copies on the central repository, SnapVault allows for easy online recovery of data. More information is available at

SnapRestore technology enables instant file recovery from previously created copies, a function critical for database recovery from application corruption. Because SnapRestore allows for instant recovery of individual files rather than entire file systems, restoration is greatly improved and accelerated, minimizing the high costs of downtime. More information can be found at

About Network Appliance:

Network Appliance, Inc., a leader in enterprise network storage, has been providing data access solutions since 1992 and is a member of both the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ 100 index. Major corporations and service providers, including Citicorp Securities, Lockheed, Merrill Lynch, Oracle, Texas Instruments, and Yahoo!, utilize NetApp global data management solutions.

The company pioneered the concept of the "network appliance," an extension of the industry trend toward dedicated, specialized products that perform a single function. NetApp storage platforms (NetApp filers, NearStore, and NetCache® appliances) are coupled with powerful data management, content distribution, and reporting software, offering seamless storage management from the corporate data center to the remote office. The Network Appliance product portfolio utilizes the company's innovative data access software, known as the Data ONTAP™ operating system, as well as standards-compliant hardware. It also offers multiprotocol support and transparent integration for UNIX® and Windows® environments.

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