Network Appliance Chooses as Partner for Internet Content Filtering

Hanover, Germany - March 13, 2002 -- Network Appliance, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTAP), a leading provider of network-storage solutions, today at CeBIT announced that AG, a leading global developer of Internet filtering software backed by German electronics giant Siemens, is Network Appliance's new partner for Internet content filtering. Through a reselling agreement, NetApp has integrated WebWasher's DynaBLocator™ as an "on-box" solution with NetCache, its industry leading Internet caching appliance. DynaBLocator, WebWasher's Internet Access Management solution, provides the world's most comprehensive URL filtering database of unwanted Internet content. With shipments beginning today, NetApp will make the joint solution available to customers through its worldwide sales organization and partners. Both partners will also closely cooperate to provide comprehensive security solutions around the NetCache products demonstrated at CeBIT.

As an "on-box" solution DynaBLocator can be deployed to operate on a NetCache appliance-deployment and network administration simplified. With DynaBLocator, Network Appliance now offers NetCache customers a filtering solution that provides:

  • URL and IP-based filtering
  • Automatic delta updates of the URL filtering database
  • Continuous filtering support even during updates, eliminating downtime
  • Frequent database updates to ensure security stays current
  • Granular, precise and manageable filtering through 58 main and sub-categories
  • Complementary image and content URL categorization technologies deliver an accurate and high quality URL filter database

With on-box integration, customers obtain a solution that combines leading edge functionality with easy deployment and lower total cost of ownership. In addition to the extensive coverage of US and international domains in English language, the URL database already contains a country specific URL set for German speaking countries. Extension sets covering specific needs of other countries and regions are currently being developed.

NetApp customers looking for more sophisticated content filtering and content security functions in highly scalable and extensible Internet backbone architectures, such as ISPs or large corporations, can continue to use's Enterprise Edition and Content Security products as off-box solutions that seamlessly integrate with NetCaches through ICAP (Internet Content Adaptation Protocol) - an open-standard protocol.

John Martin, Chief Technical Officer, Network Appliance Europe, CDBU: "Our decision for this reseller agreement honors the positive experience that we and our customers have had with products and satisfies many requests from our customer base for a premium on-box Internet Access Management solution. With ubiquitous Internet and Intranet access throughout the world, one of the hurdles companies face today is managing Internet access requirements. today offers the most comprehensive and modular content filtering solution that meets our expectations in terms of performance, scalability, and quality."

Dr. Horst Joepen, CEO of "We are pleased to provide our products to NetCache customers and to contribute to the completeness of solutions of the industry leader for Internet caching products. Supporting NetApp's business with corporate customers helped us to identify critical customer needs that we have implemented in our products. Cooperating with NetApp's worldwide sales and support organization will allow us to guarantee the best support for our product and to concentrate on our core business to provide leading edge content filtering and content security products to the market."


Based in Paderborn, Germany, was founded in October 1999 to create new efficiencies in Internet use and to improve user experience and productivity. has since established itself as a leader in the burgeoning market for enterprise-level Content Security Management. With Internet Content Filtering and Internet Access Management, companies can banish the irrelevant content that floods the corporate networks and distracts employees from their work. WebWasher software already has been adopted by 5 million users worldwide. received initial funding from Siemens subsidiary Siemens Venture Capital and Invision of Zug/Switzerland. TecVenture Partners of Munich became a private equity partner in the company's second round of funding. Additional shareholders are Siemens and's management team. For more information, please visit

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Network Appliance, Inc., a leader in enterprise network storage, has been providing data access solutions since 1992 and is a member of both the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ 100 index. Major corporations and service providers, including Citicorp Securities, Lockheed, Merrill Lynch, Oracle, Texas Instruments, and Yahoo!, utilize NetApp® global data management solutions. The company pioneered the concept of the "network appliance", an extension of the industry trend toward dedicated, specialized products that perform a single function. NetApp storage and content delivery platforms (filers and NetCache® appliances) are coupled with powerful content distribution and reporting software, offering seamless data management from the back-end data center to the remote edges of the network quickly, simply, and reliably. The Network Appliance™ product portfolio utilizes the company's innovative data access software, known as the Data ONTAP™ operating system, as well as standards-compliant hardware. It also offers multiprotocol support and transparent integration for UNIX® and Windows® environments.

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