IBM Introduces New Set of Data Management Services

Armonk, NY - March 15, 2005 - IBM today announced new services designed to help businesses better protect, store and retrieve their critical data, which can significantly reduce the time it takes to retrieve data for business analysis or recover from a disaster.

IBM's Electronic Data Management Services use an online, disk based storage and retrieval system for corporate data, replacing the current tape backup systems and processes used by companies around the world for the past 35 years. The new services integrate previously separate processes into a single approach incorporating backup, storage, retrieval and recovery into one efficient and cost-effective process.

The new services provide companies with the capability to backup and/or mirror critical information to IBM storage or recovery facilities, with the data remaining online but off-site for enhanced protection, restoration or recovery. The range of services available can accommodate dedicated infrastructure models, or shared infrastructure solutions that can lower cost while still retaining the security-enhanced backup and retrieval capability that companies demand.

"In today's business environment, companies have to be prepared for all sorts of disruptions-both natural and man-made-and can't afford to fall victim to downtime," said John Jackson, vice president, IBM Business Resilience and Continuity Services. "Current data backup, storage, retrieval and recovery processes are being challenged to meet the changing needs of businesses to have quick access to data. Whether to meet industry, compliance or availability requirements, the need to have quick access to data is becoming a top priority for businesses." Jackson continues. "Additionally, inefficiencies in historical approaches to data backup, storage and recovery are causing significant impacts to today's IT operational imperatives, incurring excess costs and suboptimizing businesses critical IT investment."

The benefits companies realize from use of the new services may help them in their process of meeting compliance regulations. Today, certain regulatory mandates require that businesses maintain continuous availability of business information. The inability to access information means unknown delays in conducting business that can negatively impact a company's bottom line. While the data generated in the average organization is increasing in volume and diversity, the time available for backup and the time allowable for recovery is decreasing. This is in part due to the onslaught of new regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and HIPAA, which mandate that companies store and protect all financial and other critical records as well as maintain the ability to retrieve it within pre-determined timeframes.

"The most important asset we have is our data, so it is critical for our business that we know it's continuously protected, which is one reason IBM's Electronic Data Management Services for online backup of distributed servers is so appealing," said Anton Pereiaslavtsev, director of IT systems, Tower Asset Management. "Using an online backup and recovery service removes all the headaches of manually protecting our data and getting it safely off-site, while giving us peace of mind that we can access it quickly and securely when needed."

IBM's Electronic Data Management services offers:

  • Real time replication services-replication and storage of data directly to an IBM facility to help companies safeguard their data. This can help companies protect their data from regional disruptions, reduces the risk of errors or delays associated with manual tape handling and transport, and improves their recovery point objectives.
  • Point-in-time backup and replication services-efficient and automatic backup and storage of data for operational, archival or recovery purposes for both data center and distributed open system environments. This allows companies to position data, applications and system information for faster retrieval and recovery, which may help them comply with certain security and compliance regulations.
  • Online backup-provides online backup of information, off-site electronic vaulting, and recovery of business server data. All backups are performed automatically over network connections to a remote, off-site IBM location.

Avamar Technologies, Inc., Indigo Stone International, Inc., LiveVault Corporation, Network Appliance, Inc., Vision Solutions, Inc. and IBM's TotalStorage portfolio will provide supporting technology and solutions around IBM's new Electronic Data Management Services.

Avamar's storage capabilities provide an efficient method of data backup and replication. When combined with IBM services, Avamar's Axion technology offers the point-in-time replication service for Wintel and open systems.

Indigo Stone Enterprise Rapid Recovery Methodology provides a multi-platform, multi-vendor recovery offering for reliable, repeatable and certain recovery solutions. It provides a software-enhanced recovery system that removes hardware dependency for a significant reduction in recovery time.

IBM TotalStorage portfolio delivers a broad spectrum of solutions to help customers simplify their infrastructure, manage information over its lifecycle and maintain business continuity.

LiveVault provides data backup services for distributed Intel servers to IBM's customers. The hardware and software is hosted by IBM at its Gaithersburg, Maryland disaster recovery center and utilizes LiveVault's data backup software

Network Appliance offers customers data archival, as well as compliance technology for both regulated and non-regulated data

Vision Solutions offers replication software, called Orion, that supports IBMiSeries, Windows 2000, Linux RedHat and SuSE operations systems as well as data integration to and from various disparate databases

IBM's Electronic Data Management Services are expected to be available in April 2005 in the U.S.

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