Economics of Flexible IT: Revenue Growth Meets Efficiency

Would you like for IT to help drive new revenue opportunities and support business growth? How about finding ways to free more of your budget dollars so they can be invested in innovation?

That’s what I thought.

Let’s talk about the economic value of Flexible IT, from top-line revenue growth to bottom-line efficiency. You can get this by building a Flexible IT infrastructure that helps you: speed time to market, accelerate time to revenue generation, and shorten time to business benefit.

Did you know that up to 80% of IT budgets are now spent keeping the lights on, leaving little to nothing for innovation? The old practice of buying and building systems on a project-by-project basis simply doesn’t scale – neither operationally nor economically. IT organizations are under unprecedented stress right now, and the best way out is to move to a more Flexible IT environment.

Built on a shared, virtualized infrastructure, Flexible IT allows you to allocate IT resources as needed. It accelerates your business by enabling you to rapidly respond to changing requirements so you can do more with your resources, faster, while driving measurable business value. Flexible IT can save time in critical development, test, and application deployment processes so that IT can deliver faster services to the business which in turn can help you innovate and get to market faster.

Drive Measurable Business Value with Speed and Efficiency
Flexible IT can help free resources so you can pursue new business opportunity. It can also help accelerate time to market to drive revenue. Data can get to decision makers faster, which allows you to make decisions more quickly, bring products to market faster, and drive revenue growth. Flexible IT has already helped many of your peers save money by improving efficiency. Making the right infrastructure decision can definitely drive measurable business value.

CARCO Group knows that. The company says it wouldn’t be where it is today without a shared, virtualized infrastructure based on technology from NetApp and our solution partners. CARCO Group offers a variety of

" least $5M per year average for the last 3 years is directly is directly tied to the on boarding technology, and this value is ever increasing."
services to its customers, from human resources to fraud detection, to vehicle inspections. By selecting NetApp and VMware, CARCO was able to launch products faster. It also moved to online services through which it can instantly provision resources to on-board customers and to start generating revenue. In fact, it says that its decision to adopt Flexible IT enabled CARCO Group to put $15M in incremental revenue into its pocket over 3 years, and to get to market a full year earlier than planned.

Not Everyone Can Deliver Truly Efficient and Flexible IT
What is the difference between hype and reality? It’s in our customers’ results.

Affordable Internet Services Online, Inc. (AISO) , has been a trusted name in environmentally friendly Web hosting and was the United State’s first 100% solar-powered hosting company. Four years ago, the company was struggling to manage its business growth while remaining committed exclusively to solar power. By redesigning its IT infrastructure around a VMware®and NetApp shared IT infrastructure, AISO was able to continue growing revenue by 500% while maintaining its commitment to 100% solar power. The Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre (GSC) in Vancouver, British Columbia, for instance, is on a mission to find a cure for cancer. For this reason, researchers have increased their data processing cluster from 200 nodes to 2000 nodes over the last five years. The IT organization delivered a NetApp shared storage infrastructure to support business goals. The infrastructure exceeded the reliability, performance, and security requirements while reducing costs and operating more efficiently. In fact, NetApp helped Genome Sciences Center grow its cancer research capacity 10-fold over 5 years while being more efficient.

“NetApp has helped Genome Sciences Centre grow its cancer research capacity by 400% over 5 years while being significantly more efficient with IT resources.”
- Genome Sciences Center

Likewise, a global software company cut its build times in half with NetApp, allowing developers to integrate its code and testers to test it much faster. This translates directly into thousands of recovered developer hours, but the real value is the speed to market and higher product quality.

Others talk about efficiency or even adding flexibility, but few can deliver both as well as we can - without asking you to compromise.

One of NetApp’s unique advantages in improving flexibility and efficiency is our unified architecture. Rather than trying to sell you a different platform for every need, we’ve architected a unified architecture solution that addresses your needs from top to bottom. Additionally, our best-of best-of-breed storage and data management solutions integrate up the stack, seamlessly, with other best-in-class technology solutions. So, whatever you have — Citrix, VMware, BMC, Cisco, Brocade, Intel, QLogic, Oracle®, or SAP® — our systems work well together. That’s flexibility up the IT stack.

“Choosing NetApp is a strategic decision: 70% of our data is on NetApp because NetApp enables us to operate storage highly efficiently and helps us take our infrastructure to the next level.”
- Jürgen Burkhardt

Flexible IT is great, but everyone wants to save money, too. It is possible to improve business efficiency without sacrificing top-line revenue growth. You don’t need to choose one over the other. Efficiency allows you to save money by storing more data on fewer systems. It helps you find the resources - time and money - to become more flexible. For instance, you can redeploy those resources to growing departments or to capitalize on new business opportunity instead of buying new equipment. Flexible IT sets you up to grow by putting you on a very agile, responsive, and efficient infrastructure.

These kinds of business results make Flexible IT not just compelling but must-have, because you can get top-line revenue growth while reducing costs.

We can help you apply the economics of Flexible IT to your IT environment.

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