NetApp believes in and supports the open source community and process, donating equipment, money, and code of our own as well as participating in several open source communities. We are concerned about open source license proliferation and therefore only license our code contributions using the same license as the open source project, or in the case of an independent contribution, a license that is widely used, usually GPL or BSD .

The following are some of the areas in which NetApp engages with the open source community:

As the basis of Data ONTAP , NetApp makes regular bug fixes and enhancements to the FreeBSD Project and is an annual sponsor .

NetApp has made several contributions to iSCSI including the Linux drivers and daemon , as well as defining and writing the reference implementation of the SNIA management API .

We employ one of the Linux maintainers and regularly make bug fixes and enhancements. Of the identified companies, NetApp is tied for the seventh most active contributor to the 2.6.23 kernel. We are also on the board of directors of the Linux Foundation .

NDMJOB is an NDMP-compatible backup/restore package, reference implementation, and conformance test. It is furnished in source code form to the public by Traakan, Inc. and other contributors free of charge or restriction. NDMJOB may be used as a ready-to-run backup package, used in conjunction with other NDMP products, as the basis for new products, as a verification of NDMP products, and as a reference of the NDMP protocol standards and conventions.

NDMP (Network Data Management Protocol) is an open protocol for network based backup enabling multi-vendor backup solutions. NetApp has been a leading developer of the NDMP specification since the late 1990's and has donated significant software code contributions to the NDMP reference implementation code base.

With one of the members of the original NFS development team, co-authors of NFS Version 3 and Version 4, co-chair of the NFS Version 4 IETF working group, and the Linux NFS maintainer on staff, NetApp is a driving force in the NFS community. Our open source contributions include Linux's NFS implementation and a Linux client for pNFS that allows parallelization of data accesses.

nfsdump and nfsscan
A NetApp employee maintains nfsdump and nfsscan, a widely used NFS trace analysis package .

The NFS/RDMA protocol specifications were jointly authored by NetApp, and a full implementation of the NFS/RDMA client and server for Linux were written or jointly developed by NetApp. In addition, we work with universities and researchers in the industry to advance NFS/RDMA and broaden its use. NFS/RDMA can provide dramatic performance benefits to clients and servers.

Open SPC-1
NetApp has contributed an open source implementation of the SPC-1 Benchmark , simulating the demands placed upon on-line, non-volatile storage in a typical server class computer system.

NetApp started the DAT Collaborative as the open source common API for all RDMA transports such as InfiniBand and iWARP . NetApp has contributed a reference implementation of the Direct Access Programming Language (DAPL) and is a member and regular contributor of the Open Fabrics Alliance .

NetApp has contributed NFS Version 3 and Version 4 features to Wireshark , an open source network protocol analyzer formerly called Ethereal. As Ethereal, NetApp contributed NFS Version 3 and CIFS protocol support.