Certification path to achieve and demonstrate NetApp storage system proficiency.

NCSA provides a basic level of certification on NetApp storage management, and it is offered free of charge to students who are enrolled in an academic institution participating in the NetApp® Academic Alliances program, and to transitioning, military service personnel working to update their skills for a new career in IT.

NetApp Certified Storage Associates demonstrate a fundamental understanding of NetApp storage systems and Data ONTAP® administration and management solutions. They comprehend the features and functions of the Data ONTAP storage operating system and are able to perform basic system administration tasks.

The NCSA is a learners' first step in gaining the expertise and credentials needed to begin a career in areas from storage management to data center transformation.

To find out how to obtain NCSA certification, contact academic@netapp.com

NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer (NCIE)
NetApp Certified B & R Implementation Engineer
NS0-510 Backup & Recovery
NetApp Certified SAN Implementation Engineer
NS0-502 SAN Data ONTAP 7-Mode OR
NS0-504 SAN Clustered Data ONTAP
NetApp Certified Data Administrator (NCDA)
NetApp Certified Data Administrator
NS0-155 Data ONTAP 7-Mode Administrator
NetApp Certified Data Administrator
NS0-156 Clustered Data ONTAP Administrator
NetApp Certified Storage Associate (NCSA)
NetApp Certified Storage Associate
NS0-145 NetApp Certified Storage Associate