The NetApp Academic Alliances Program - working with colleges & universities to prepare IT leaders for the data driven digital future!

The economics of the cloud are compelling, driving a transition toward hybrid cloud services. Data is the currency of the digital economy, and data management is imperative to deploying cloud services. The technologies and skills needed to manage these new services and environments are critical. IT departments face ongoing pressure to align with their organization’s mission, doing more with less. The cloud has emerged as a great tool – if their IT staff have the relevant skills.

The NetApp Academics Alliances Program helps information technology students learn new architectures, technologies, and skills needed to protect and manage data – whether on premise or in the cloud. The program provides faculty with storage, cloud, and data management teaching resources that include web-based courses, introductory-level Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), hands-on training using software simulators, and a deep-dive track of study leading to a Hybrid Cloud storage management certification.

Download the NetApp Academic Alliances or, NCSA-HC data sheets. 

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