Data Center Efficiency Executive Summit

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Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 December, 2009
NetApp's Executive Briefing Center facility and Dynamic Data Center
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

The Data Center Efficiency Executive Summit provokes meaningful discussion and insight about solutions to the most pressing data center challenges that you face every day.

The Summit held at NetApp's Executive Briefing Center in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, together with Cisco, VMware and successful joint customers, the summit will demonstrate the business value of data center efficiency through:

  • Reducing costs through virtualization
  • Optimizing current assets
  • Increasing infrastructure flexibility and responsiveness
  • Expanding application and business continuity
  • Improving manageability

The summit is highly interactive and offer numerous opportunities to directly interact with host executives as well as executive peers to discuss ideas, strategies, and plans for everyday challenges. In addition, the event will offer a tour of NetApp’s Dynamic Data Center Lab, formerly known as Kilo-Client. The tour will enable you to witness how NetApp’s 4th generation data center has increased business efficiency and how it reverberates through the environment and the physical infrastructure. You'll also discover how customers reduced the data storage capacity they needed for virtual machines by more than 50%, gained greater use per VMware® ESX server, achieved shorter and more reliable system backup and recovery, and reaped more data center efficiencies.