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As business demands grow, enterprises rush to eliminate the difference between what their database apps can deliver and what slow, disk-based servers allow the apps to do. Learn how many organizations are closing this performance gap. Attend our webcast series and discover how you can lower costs, raise customer satisfaction, and increase revenue with enterprise-grade flash.

Great sessions. Outstanding speakers. Vital insights.

The enterprises that lead in the drive for speed will pull ahead of competitors that continue to rely on older-generation storage arrays. But what features and benefits do you need to prioritize? How can you identify the right flash technologies and vendors for fulfilling your strategic goals? 

Find out the answers! Hear leading analysts and technologists, including ESG founder Steve Duplessie, NetApp Vice President Lee Caswell, and executives from Western Oregon University and Apache Corporation describe:

  • The state of today's flash market and the benefits and strategies that drive enterprise adoption of all-flash arrays
  • Key architectural considerations and how to provide support for mature data services and mixed-workload, multilayer environments
  • Use cases and insights from NetApp® all-flash array customers
  • Why NetApp is able to guarantee 3X performance for your database applications and what it means in terms of reducing risk and maximizing your benefits from all-flash

Lee Caswell

  • Vice President of Product, Solutions, and Services Marketing, NetApp

Lee Caswell has extensive experience in executive leadership within the storage, flash, and virtualization markets. Lee joined NetApp in 2014, and he leads a team that speeds the customer adoption of new products, partnerships, and integrations. Previously, Lee was vice president of marketing at Fusion-io (now SanDisk). Prior to Fusion-io, Lee served as the CEO and CMO of Pivot3. He has also held leadership positions at VMware and Adaptec.

Steve Duplessie

  • Founder and Senior Analyst, ESG

Steve Duplessie is a strategic advisor to many prominent technology providers, including IBM, HP, Dell, EMC, and NetApp. Internationally recognized as an expert in IT infrastructure technologies and markets, Steve’s insights have been featured in publications such as TIME magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Businessweek, Financial Times, and USA TODAY. Much sought after as a speaker, Steve often draws standing-room-only crowds. Prior to ESG, Steve was founder and CEO of Invincible Technologies Corporation.

Chris Lemmons

  • Director of Data Center Solutions Group Technical Marketing, NetApp

Chris Lemmons has more than 30 years’ experience in software development, testing, and management. For over a decade, Chris has fulfilled a variety of engineering and management roles at NetApp. He now leads the testing, analysis, and technical marketing of NetApp solutions that are related to enterprise applications, including Oracle, SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, and SAP. Prior to NetApp, Chris held positions at VeriTest and Data General.

Bill Kernan

  • CIO, Western Oregon University

Bill Kernan holds degrees in aviation and computer science. He has fostered innovation in IT at Western Oregon University for 27 years and has been CIO for the last thirteen. Bill’s forward-looking approaches to problem solving and hands-on management style have led to a wide range of creative solutions for the university. These include a homegrown single sign-on portal and WOUtv – a video portal that was used to publish a NetApp snapshot file recovery video.

Michael Ellis

  • Assistant Director, Computing Services, Western Oregon University

Michael Ellis is the Assistant Director of University Computing Services at Western Oregon University (WOU). In this position, Michael works with programming, systems, networking, security, desktop support, and web technologies. Michael specializes in working with campus members, bridging the gap between those that speak technology and those who understand the business processes.

Both his Computer Science degree and his Masters in Information Systems were earned at WOU. He began working at WOU as a student for the current CIO and has changed roles over the last 15 years. Finding a use for his past experiences with acting, Michael has employed those public speaking skills to provide training via high-definition (HD) video and live campus-wide forums.

Bradley Lauritsen

  • Director of Exploration Applications, Apache Corporation

Bradley Lauritsen joined Apache in 2002 and is the Director of Exploration for Apache Corporation. His main role is to ensure that Apache's Geological and Geophysical staff has the tools and data needed to make quick and accurate decisions that can impact the company's time-to-discovery, and ultimately its ability to get wells drilled. Bradley also accesses the latest technology to maximize asset value with the most reliable and cost effective systems possible. Bradley holds his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Houston.


Closing the Performance Gap: Why Enterprise Apps Need Enterprise-Grade Flash

Benefit from ESG analyst Steve Duplessie's insights into today's flash market. Learn about the top reasons for adopting flash, the architectural issues that you need to consider, and what to ask a flash array vendor before you commit. Also hear NetApp VP Lee Caswell and director Chris Lemmons describe use case and performance results for flash-driven Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases. And learn why NetApp's 3X Performance Guarantee minimizes the risk to meeting your goals.

Session time: 20 minutes

Multiplying the Benefits of Education with NetApp Flash at Western Oregon University

When it came to online education, Western Oregon University experienced storage as a performance bottleneck—until it moved high-input/output applications and databases to a NetApp EF550 flash array. Learn from CIO Bill Kernan and Assistant Director Michael Ellis how the university now handles 10 times the number of concurrent users in 95% less processing time, even while users play large video files. He'll also describe how database backup times dropped from over an hour to six-to-nine minutes. And how data warehouse reporting times were reduced from six hours to 20 seconds.

Session time: 20 minutes

How Apache Corp Drills Down With Precision Using NetApp Flash

Apache Corporation relies on cutting-edge computing models to make critical decisions about where to drill for oil and gas. Discover how moving its simulation software to NetApp All Flash enables Apache's geoscientists to model seismic data faster and more accurately. Learn from Bradley Lauritsen, Director of Exploration Applications, how NetApp has reduced the time needed to load and open models by 75%, supports 700% annual data grow with no added headcount, has cut storage costs by over half, and delivers up to 100% performance gains across Apache's network.

Session time: 20 minutes