Volunteer Time Off Program
The Volunteer Time Off Program enables full-time employees to take up to five full days off per calendar year (with full pay and benefits) to volunteer at local schools, at non-profit organizations of their choice, or at NetApp-sponsored community relations activities in their area. In addition, employees with technical expertise may take additional time off as needed to provide technical assistance for recipients of NetApp's in-kind donations of products, equipment and/or technological skills. Employee response to this new program has been spectacular!

Leave of Absence (LOA) Policies
NetApp's LOA policies go above and beyond what is required by law and/or common practice. We extend the same rights and protections to employees across the U.S. that are required only in certain states, or in locations with specified numbers of employees.

Disaster Relief Relocation Program
We deeply care about our employees, and when faced with adversity or natural disaster, we are there for them. We developed a disaster relief relocation program in order to aid new employees in their time of need after facing a natural disaster. Our program includes temporary housing, temporary transportation, and a lump sum to help them buy the necessities to get back on their feet instead of the traditional relocation hiring package.

Environmental Stewardship
We pride ourselves on having successfully implemented company-wide "green" programs that reduce waste and conserve resources. Ranging from stocking our cafes and break rooms with eco-friendly containers and biodegradable service ware, to conserving resources by over 50% in our data centers, and helping our partners and customers do the same, we are committed to practicing good environmental stewardship.