Upgrade Platform: FAS8020

The IBM N7800 (also known as FAS6070, FAS6070A, V6070, V6070A) is part of IBM’s vaunted N-series of storage control solutions designed for enterprise-level organizations with significant needs in terms of data access, throughput and performance. The N7800 offers enhanced performance in comparison to the manufacturer’s N7700 and N7600 series storage controllers.

Equivalent NetApp Platforms

  • FAS6070
  • FAS6070A
  • V6070
  • V6070A


  • FAS8020


The IBM N7800 provides outstanding data throughput and safeguards with active/active failover protection (A20 model). It offers upgradability, expandability and very little in the way of maintenance requirements as well. With fast data access and multiprotocol support, this storage controller is an excellent choice for virtually any large organization.


  • High data throughput speeds
  • SATA and Fibre Channel support
  • Snapshot and compliance features
  • Business continuity capabilities

Features and Benefits

  • 2 GB per node nonvolatile memory
  • NAS, Fibre Channel and iSCSI connectivity
  • 672 and 1008 disk support (A10/A20)
  • Upgradable from A10 to A20


  • 32 GB per node of DDR-333 RAM
  • FC and SATA disk expansion units
  • 8 FC loops per node
  • 4/8 2.6 GHz AMD Opteron processors
  • 6/12 integrated Gigabit Ethernet ports