Upgrade Platform: FAS8040

The IBM N7700 (also known as FAS6040, FAS6040A, V6040, V6040A) can be found in either model A11 or A21, and offers up to 85 EX storage expansion units. Designed to provide enterprise-class performance for organizations with significant data processing and access needs, the N7700 delivers a superior experience than the N7600.

Equivalent NetApp Platforms

  • FAS6040
  • FAS6040A
  • V6040
  • V6040A


  • FAS8040


The IBM N7700 includes both a single-node base unit and an active/active dual-node unit (A11/A21). The storage controller is designed to provide outstanding data access speeds, as well as the ability to upgrade and expand as an organization’s needs change. It features low maintenance requirements, and provides simultaneous multiprotocol support.


  • Ultra-fast data throughput speeds
  • Expandable design means a longer use life
  • Usable with iSCSI, CIFS, FCP and NFS protocols

Features and Benefits

  • Enterprise-class performance
  • Up to 840 disk drives supported
  • Up to 16 GB RAM per node
  • A11 upgradable to A21
  • Active/active failover support (A21)


  • Two/four AMD 2.6 GHz 252 processors
  • 16 GB/32 GB DDR-333 RAM
  • 512 MB/1 GB of nonvolatile memory
  • 3/6 PCI-E expansion slots for FC HBAs
  • 6/12 PCI-E slots
  • 1/2 serial console ports