IBM N6250

Upgrade Platform: FAS8040

The IBM N6250 (also known as FAS3250E, V3250E, FAS3250AE, V3250AE) delivers superior performance to the company’s N6200 storage controller, and provides Fibre Channel, NAS and iSCSI connectivity. Ideal for enterprise-level organizations seeking system-level redundancy and protection combined with high data throughput, the N6250 delivers outstanding features and performance.

Equivalent NetApp Platforms

  • FAS3250E
  • V3250E
  • FAS3250AE
  • V3250AE


  • FAS8040


The IBM N6250 includes four models – the C15, C25, E15 and E25 – as well as both model E16 and E26. A number of PCI-E expansion slots are available in Exx models, but not on Cxx models. All six models were designed by IBM to provide superior reliability and data throughput, while requiring less in the area of maintenance than other storage controllers on the market.


  • Operable with Fibre Channel, NAS and iSCSI connections
  • EXN1000 SATA storage expansion units accepted
  • FC, SAS and SATA disk expansion units are compatible
  • System-level redundancy
  • High data accessibility

Features and Benefits

  • High data throughput speeds
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • High expandability potential
  • Numerous models to choose from to fit any organization’s needs


  • 2U, 3U and 4U rack mountable expansion units
  • 20/40 GB RAM
  • 2/4 GBPS Ethernet ports
  • 2GB/4GB nonvolatile memory