IBM N6220

Upgrade Platform: FAS8020

The IBM N6220 Storage Array (also known as FAS3220, V3220, FAS3220A, V3220A, FAS3220E, V3220E, FAS3220AE, V3220AE) is part of IBM’s lineup of high quality, super-fast server storage solutions designed for demanding industries. With a large memory cache and cutting-edge I/O technologies, it’s also easily configurable to meet any needs. Flash Cache and FlexShare are thrown into the bargain, providing throughput and latency improvements.

Equivalent NetApp Platforms

  • FAS3220
  • V3220
  • FAS3220A
  • V3220A
  • FAS3220E
  • V3220E
  • FAS3220AE
  • V3220AE


  • FAS8020


The IBM N6220 Storage Array is all about versatility and providing superior data handling for large volume situations. It can be used to consolidate varied datasets at the same time, both in file and block-based formats. This array offers the ability to unlock untapped potential in any organization with virtual machine mobility and heterogeneous server environment connections.


  • Works with Windows, UNIX and Linux
  • Expandable storage
  • Fibre Channel support
  • 12 or 24 GB RAM
  • 2.3 GHz Quad Core processor

Features and Benefits

  • Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), FCP, iSCSI, CIFS, FTP, HTTP, NFS simultaneous multiprotocol support
  • Lots of built-in features
  • SAS, SATA and Fibre Channel disk drive support
  • Block and file-level service in a single array
  • Designed to work on Windows, but operable on other platforms
  • High data availability
  • System-level redundancy


  • Machine Type: 2858-C15/2658-C25
  • Controller Configuration: Single (C)/Dual (active/active) (CC)
  • Number of Cores: 1/2
  • RAM: 12 GB/24 GB
  • Nonvolatile Memory: 1.6 GB/3.2 GB