Upgrade Platform: FAS8040

Executive Summary

The N6060 (also known as FAS3160, V3160, FAS3160A, V3160A) offers gateway operability as well as providing outstanding enterprise-class storage for high data access and reliability. Providing system-level redundancy, the N6060 offers support for concurrent block I/O and file serving over Ethernet, as well as FC and SAN.

Equivalent NetApp Platforms

  • FAS3160
  • V3160
  • FAS3160A
  • V3160A

Upgrade Platform

  • FAS8040


The N6060 range of controllers includes two options. The A12 is a single-node model, while the A22 is a dual-node model that features clustered failover protection. However, both offer significant advantages, including the ability to be configured as gateways. In addition, both offer low maintenance, are expandable, and can be upgraded to meet new and emerging needs within an organization.


  • High data availability
  • High data throughput
  • Easily upgradable from A12 to A22
  • Supports iSCSI, NAS and FC
  • Ideal for database needs, email and technical applications
  • 4 integrated backend FC loops

Features and Benefits

  • Supports up to 48 expansion units
  • Supports up to 672 hard drives
  • Ideal for high performance situations and mission-critical needs


  • 6U standard 19-inch rack mountable
  • 2 dual-core 2.4 GHz processors per node
  • 8 GB RAM per node
  • Redundant, hot swappable power supplies
  • 4 integrated FC ports per node
  • 2 integrated gigabit Ethernet ports per node