IBM N5600

Upgrade Platform: FAS8020

The IBM N5600 (also known as FAS3070, FAS3070A, V3070, V3070A) consists of a trio of storage controllers designed to provide support for enterprise-level organizations. The system provides outstanding performance, high data availability, fast data transfer and significant stability.

Equivalent NetApp Platforms

  • FAS3070
  • FAS3070A
  • V3070
  • V3070A

Upgrade Platform

  • FAS8020


Like other options in IBM’s N series, the N5600 is comprised of multiple units. It features the A10, which is a single-node unit capable of supporting up to 240 disk drives, as well as the A20, which is an active/active dual-node unit with failover protection, and can support 336 hard drives. The A20 without Dual Path FC Cabling can support up to 504 disk drives.


  • Three units to choose from to match organization needs
  • High data transfer speeds
  • Excellent stability and upgradability
  • Failover support on both A20 models

Features and Benefits

  • Up to 5 backend FC loops per node
  • Supports Fibre Channel, NAS and iSCSI
  • With or without Dual-Path FC Cabling (A20 units)
  • 8 GB per node DDR RAM


  • 3U standard 19-inch rack mountable
  • 2 1.8 GHz processors (64 bit)
  • 3 PCIe expansion slots
  • Redundant, hot swappable cooling fans and power supplies
  • 1 serial console per port
  • 4 integrated SFF FC ports
  • 4 integrated gigabit Ethernet ports per node