Upgrade Platform: FAS2552

For mid-level organizations, the IBM N3600 (also known as FAS2040A, FAS2050) offers outstanding benefits in a small package. With an affordable purchase price, a compact form factor and features that compete with higher end systems, the N3600 makes an ideal solution for server needs when data transfer speed and reliability matter.

Equivalent NetApp Platforms

  • FAS2040A
  • FAS2050


  • FAS2552


The IBM N3600 is available in two models. The A10 model is a single-node unit, while the A20 is a dual-node unit with failover protection. Both are 4U rack mountable, and offer expandability, as well as the ability to upgrade storage and operability. Both models also offer simultaneous multiprotocol support.


  • Fast data transfer and access speeds
  • Low maintenance
  • Expandable and upgradeable
  • Supports up to 104 drives (A20)

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for database, email and other needs
  • Supports up to 20 SAS SCSI drives in either 300, 450 or 600 GB capacities
  • Supports iSCSI, FTP, CIFS, HTTP and Fibre Channel


  • 2 GB RAM per controller
  • 2 backend FC loops
  • 4U standard 19-inch rack mountable
  • 1 PCI-E expansion slot
  • 1 serial console port
  • Hot-swappable power supply
  • Redundant cooling fan