Upgrade Platform: FAS2552

The IBM N3400 (also known as FAS2040) is available in two models to fit varying needs. Both models deliver outstanding data transfer speeds, as well as the reliability and stability the N-series is known for. Faster, smaller and more affordable than other server solutions, the N3400 is an excellent entry-level solution for growing organizations with serious data access requirements.

Equivalent NetApp Platform

  • FAS2040


  • FAS2552


The N3400 is part of IBM’s vaunted N-series, and shares the rest of the series’ qualities in terms of low maintenance, high data throughput and reliability. Like several other N-series members, the N3400 is available in two models – the A11 is a single-node unit, while the A21 is a dual-node, active/active unit with failover protection. Both offer multiprotocol support and upgradability (users can upgrade from the A11 to the A21 easily, but other upgrades are also possible).


  • High data availability and fast transfer speeds
  • Ethernet and FC SAN infrastructure support
  • SATA, SAS/SCSI and FC expansion units available
  • Easily expandable for maximum disk space

Features and Benefits

  • Clustered failover protection (with the A21)
  • Maximum support for 126 drives
  • 2U rack mountable
  • System-level redundancy


  • 8 GB of RAM per node
  • 512 MB of nonvolatile RAM
  • PCI-E port (expansion capabilities)
  • 8 1-GPBS Ethernet ports (2 integrated)