NetApp Global Support

NetApp Global Support and our certified partners fix storage problems fast, helping you avoid issues in the first place.

To help you achieve the nondisruptive operations your business needs to thrive, NetApp takes an innovative, preemptive, relentless approach to support.

Instead of concentrating only on fixing issues as they happen, NetApp® Global Support and our certified support partners can help you avoid issues altogether.

NetApp Global Support starts with AutoSupport that helps you achieve 99.999% availability by automatically predicting risks.

Next, is the NetApp Customer Fitness program, through which NetApp and our certified partners coach you on how to use NetApp’s proprietary tools, best practices, and training to sustain maximum uptime and preempt disruptions

Of course, if issues do arise, NetApp Global Support will solve your problem fast. We won’t rest until your problem is resolved and your business is operating at full speed.

Find out how our industry-leading global support can help you maximize the return on your NetApp investment and keep your data available: