Solutions for SAP HANA Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI)

Certified NetApp storage systems for SAP HANA TDI offer performance and data protection.

NetApp offers a portfolio of data storage solutions certified for the SAP® HANA TDI model. Certified NetApp® FAS and E-Series storage systems deliver the ease of management, scalability, high availability, disaster recovery, and high-bandwidth performance.

For fast backups, disaster recovery, and restore, as well as the ease of management built into the Data ONTAP storage operating system, choose FAS storage:

  • Storage-based snapshots let you backup, restore, and recover your SAP HANA data in minutes.
  • Asynchronous storage replication via NetApp Snap Creator™ Framework plug-ins enables disaster recovery.
  • Synchronous data replication through integration with NetApp MetroCluster™ software provides disaster tolerance and continuous availability with zero data loss, keeping SAP HANA running in the event of unplanned outages.

NetApp E-series storage delivers 4x the performance of comparable storage for SAP HANA environments. E-Series storage can handle large data volumes and enormous throughput, and maintain high speed during data refreshes and bulk deletes, while delivering high availability.