Fujitsu Eternus CS800 S2

Data Protection Appliance for Midrange Environments

FUJITSU ETERNUS CS800 S2 is a data protection appliance that provides a simple and affordable solution for midrange customers who want to reduce costs by optimizing existing backup environments with an optimized disk target.

Key Features Benefits
High backup and recovery performance while reducing costs
  • Provides disk-to-disk performance for data protection
  • Uses data deduplication technology to reduce typical disk usage
  • Simple NAS interface makes system easy to deploy and operate
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing backup software solutions
Improved and automated disaster recovery protection
  • Remote encrypted replication with reduced network bandwidth
  • Reduced media handling and easy administration
  • Full support for Symantec OpenStorage API
Integration into dynamic infrastructures
  • Simple, and economical employment with existing backup software solutions
  • Multisite support for consolidated disaster recovery requirements
  • Disaster resilience for FUJITSU ETERNUS CS800 S2 as operational service