NetApp SnapLock Compliance and SnapLock Enterprise Software

NetApp SnapLock compliance software helps you meet strict data retention regulations and internal IT governance rules.

NetApp® SnapLock® Compliance and SnapLock Enterprise software are integrated, cost-effective solutions that enable you to meet both external and internal requirements for retaining, protecting, and accessing regulated and reference data.

A flexible data permanence solution, SnapLock software helps you comply with records retention regulations that require you to archive e-mails, documents, audit information, and other data in an unalterable state for years. At the same time, it enables rapid retrieval of unregulated yet crucial reference data that is not changed or deleted.

Use SnapLock Compliance software for stringent government requirements and SnapLock Enterprise software for adhering to organizational best practices.

Create nonrewritable, nonerasable volumes to prevent files from being altered or deleted until a predetermined retention date. Back up with WORM data to disk or tape for an additional level of data protection.

SnapLock software integrates with other NetApp data protection products to safeguard your most precious resource: your data.

Learn more about how to simplify and ensure the permanence, accuracy, integrity, and security of your data with NetApp SnapLock software PDF (PDF).