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Protecting mission-critical business applications has become a necessity. NetApp high availability (HA) solutions are simple to deploy and recover, reducing downtime. They are flexible enough to address a broad range of recovery point objectives ranging from zero data loss to one hour to one day, enabling customers to make the tradeoff between cost and data loss exposure and to replicate over long distances, providing protection from both site and regional disasters. NetApp HA solutions enable customers to affordably protect more of their business-critical applications than would be possible with alternate solutions.

Cost-Effective Site Protection within a Campus or Metro Area
MetroCluster is a unique, cost-effective synchronous replication solution for combining high availability and disaster recovery within a campus or metro area, to protect against both site disasters and hardware outages. MetroCluster provides automatic recovery for any single storage component failure and single-click recovery in case of major site disasters, ensuring zero data loss and making recovery possible within minutes, rather than hours.

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White Paper: A Comprehensive Approach to Application Availability PDF
Technical TR-3517 PDF: MetroCluster Upgrade Planning Guide

TR 3326 PDF: Synchronous SnapMirror Design & Implementation

Data Replication and Recovery over any distance ensuring 100% data consistency using ReplicatorX PDF
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