Gain heightened use and performance from the Data ONTAP® 7G operating system in NetApp FAS and V-Series systems for a fully virtualized data management environment.

A new version of this product is available. Please see the Data ONTAP 8 page.

Manage your data—not your hardware. Data ONTAP 7G software pools your storage resources, using breakthrough thin provisioning technology. Data ONTAP 7G provides a virtualized data environment with a simple interface that enables you to create virtual storage volumes, make changes quickly, and achieve superior storage utilization.

End-to-end NetApp deduplication is fully integrated, providing the ultimate efficiency for your primary storage as well as your backup and archival data.

Data ONTAP 7G includes industry-leading NetApp Snapshot™ technology as a standard feature. With Snapshot, you can protect your data and achieve rapid application recovery with minimal overhead and maximum scalability. Disk array protection is further enhanced by our innovative Double Parity RAID 6 implementation, RAID-DP™, which safeguards data from double disk failures while providing the performance that even the most demanding applications require.

We invite you to learn how Data ONTAP 7G and a unified storage architecture can optimize your enterprise data management: Data ONTAP Datasheet PDF.