NetApp Data ONTAP 8.3: Scale-out Storage to Achieve Non-disruptive Operations

Manage virtualised storage as a logical pool with Data ONTAP 8. Scale on demand to tens of PB and thousands of volumes.

Use the NetApp® Data ONTAP® 8 platform to deploy your ideal cloud infrastructure. Whether you envision a private, public or hybrid cloud, Data ONTAP 8 offers a unified scale-out architecture that you can adapt as your needs change.

Clustered Data ONTAP PDF is designed to eliminate downtime, allowing you to service your infrastructure, even during regular business hours, without disrupting access to user data and applications. And it’s easy and efficient to administer.

Data ONTAP 8 delivers high performance and massive scale. It can accommodate mixed workloads and multiple SLAs on a shared infrastructure, supporting high-speed applications as well as large content repositories.

Learn how Data ONTAP features can give you massive scalability and consolidated data management: