NetApp Data ONTAP 8.3: Efficiency Features

Data ONTAP 8 simplifies data management tasks, increasing IT efficiency and freeing staff to focus on business growth.

Reduce your data storage and management costs by using the NetApp® Data ONTAP® 8 storage operating system. Data ONTAP 8 gives you the most comprehensive storage efficiency offering in the industry.

NetApp is the only storage provider delivering proven efficiencies for both scale-out SAN and NAS – from entry level to enterprise and for converged infrastructure, software-based storage and virtualised third-party arrays.

Efficient Space Utilisation

  • Replicate data volumes and datasets instantly as space-saving, virtual clones.
  • Use transparent inline and post-process data compression for data reduction.
  • Remove redundant data blocks through general-purpose deduplication for primary and secondary storage.

Cost-Efficient Storage

  • Lower acquisition costs by using ‘just-in-time’ storage with built-in thin provisioning.
  • Maximise your shared-storage investments through native multi-tenancy and QoS features designed for multiple workloads and tenants.
  • Reduce cost per TB by up to 46%: Use SATA with virtual storage tiering and protection against multiple disk failures.
  • Extend the life of third-party storage via FlexArray virtualisation.

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