Gain end-to-end visibility into heterogeneous storage infrastructure availability, performance, and utilization service levels in the context of applications and businesses.

Service Insight, the baseline for our SANscreen® solution, provides end-to-end discovery of and visibility into your storage infrastructure, including host-to-storage access paths across multivendor and multiprotocol (SAN, NAS/NFS, iSCSI) environments. Unlike many other storage management products, Service Insight agentless discovery operations are read only, out of band, near real time, and nonintrusive, so you can avoid the high TCO associated with host-agent maintenance. Service Insight allows you to properly plan and discover heterogeneous and NetApp® Data ONTAP® storage devices along with their service-path configurations, volumes, and capacity. It monitors their performance, including latency, volume, and trends, to determine the most suitable target volume to serve an application.

Global Visibility into Storage Service Paths and Their Effect on Applications
Our SANscreen technology is based on the fundamental notion of storage service paths, consisting of a sequence of physically connected components, each of which is configured to allow data to flow along that path. Service Insight continuously discovers the physical and logical configuration of devices and then builds a service model of how the interaction of these devices delivers a service to an application, resulting in a service path.

Proactively Manage and Maintain Your Storage Infrastructure Services
Service Insight provides the information you need to manage storage services proactively in order to increase service quality, prevent application failures, and improve recovery time. With proactive management, your IT organization can reduce operating costs in the data center by decreasing the time and effort required for troubleshooting.

Service Insight includes an open enterprise-class data warehouse that enables your IT organization to roll up multisite environments, gain global visibility across distributed infrastructures, and access critical analysis and reporting capabilities. The Service Insight reporting solution empowers your IT organization to make operational, strategic, and tactical storage-related decisions.

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