NetApp OnCommand Insight Performance Management

Optimise the performance of your data centre resources through improved monitoring and measurement.

By providing a broad view of your IT resource performance data, NetApp® OnCommand® Insight helps improve your end-to-end data centre performance – from your virtual machine (VM) environment through your data storage network, down to your disks.

OnCommand Insight performance management lets you:

  • Gather near-real-time virtual machine, fabric and storage performance data and map it to applications, hosts and service paths.
  • Proactively perform VM density planning.
  • Identify “top talkers” and “noisy neighbours”.
  • Load balance on your VMs, servers, or each data storage device to avoid congestion or contention.
  • Monitor applications, hosts and VMs, and understand daily patterns affecting performance.
  • Optimise application performance by viewing an application’s actual resource utilisation metrics across your IT infrastructure.
  • Reduce IT operations risks through data that monitors service quality, prevents application failures and improves recovery time.
  • Decrease costs by improving utilisation and decreasing troubleshooting time and effort.

Learn how OnCommand Insight can help you improve capacity planning, accelerate consolidation projects and meet C-level reporting expectations.