Broker and monitor both on-premises and cloud-based storage with NetApp OnCommand Insight storage resource management.

Optimise storage resources and investments in your hybrid cloud environment. Use NetApp® OnCommand® Insight to integrate storage management into your entire service-delivery chain. 

Put application workloads in the right cloud, with the right cost and performance. Optimise existing resources for maximum benefit in virtualisation or private cloud environments. Determine what cloud storage resources to buy, and when.

Use OnCommand Insight software to:

  • Improve capacity planning.
  • Report on costs by tenant, business unit or tiers for showback or chargeback.
  • Plan complex changes and consolidations with ease and execute faster.
  • Integrate with enterprise, C-level reporting systems for strategic decision making.
  • Bring cost awareness to IT consumers.
  • Drive greater IT efficiency and cost savings.

Extend value across solutions through open integration with third-party CMDBs (configuration management databases). Simplify integration of NetApp and third-party software using standard REST APIs accessible through the OnCommand Insight Web UI.

Learn how OnCommand Insight can help you improve capacity planning, accelerate consolidation projects and meet C-level reporting expectations.