Hints and Tips
To win, your entry needs to make a lasting impression on the NetApp judges. Here are some hints to help you complete your entry.

Review the criteria for each category and be sure that your submission contains all of the required information. Last year, some entrants supplied us with a lot of great information but failed to complete the template with key information. Therefore, their entries were unsuccessful.

Concisely document and give evidence of as many criteria as possible in your category.  

Don’t delay writing your entry while you wait for that last big deal to close. NetApp judges have access to all sales reports, so take into consideration all sales activity up to judging day, which is Thursday, 15 May 2014.

Put thought into your entry. Start off with an outline of what you want to say, beginning with keywords or notes. Then expand the information required in each section.

Be creative. A short video explaining to the NetApp judges why you deserve to win the award in the category you’re entering says more than a thousand words as it helps the judges gain real insight into your passion.

Be concise. Use bullet points where appropriate, but don’t let your entry become a mere series of bullet points.

Manage your time when preparing your entry. Try setting an early deadline for yourself so you don’t have to find essential information at the last minute.

Recruit some help. Delegate some tasks to help you create the entry.

Keep a record of all the material you use to support your entry. Having it all together makes it much easier to double-check your submission.

Visuals should add value to the entry. Make sure that any charts and graphs are big enough to be legible when photocopied in black and white, because that is what the judges see.

Describe all relevant evidence to support your claims in the entry.

Get others’ reactions before submitting your entry. It’s easy to forget key points because of your familiarity with a particular project. It’s helpful to get colleagues to read over your final entry.

Don’t be too modest, and remember to include supporting evidence.

E-mails must be an appropriate file size. Keep the file size to a maximum of 2MB, preferably smaller. This is particularly important if you include charts, graphs, and/or photographs in your entry.

Plan. Start working on your entry now. The criteria for winning entries don’t have to be followed exactly, but the more information you provide to support your entry, the better your chances of winning.