It takes a lot to be a winner. What follows is a list of all the award categories for 2014. Within each category you’ll find the criteria for your entry. Keep in mind that entries need to be packaged in a way that makes a great impression on the judges. For more information on optimising your entry, see Hints and Tips .

Criteria for NetApp EMEA Enterprise Market Partner of the Year

  • Bookings must be among the 10 fastest-growing of NetApp fiscal year 2014 (FY14) for your level
  • State the number of net-new accounts won in FY14, focusing on deals over US$100K
  • Present an SAP®, cloud, or FlexPod® solution case study for product sold during 2014, showing customer benefits
  • Submit Flash, NetApp® E-Series, or clustered Data ONTAP®, or FlexPod experience case studies, references, training and certifications
  • Show evidence of market development funds (MDF) planning, joint planning and so on

Criteria for NetApp EMEA Midsize Market Partner of the Year

  • Most unexpected midsize business (MSB) reference of the year, proven by your ability to sell in a market segment in which NetApp is not usually present
  • At least three new MSB customers that were engaged during the last fiscal year (FY14)
  • Demonstrate ability to leverage NetApp promotions and to replicate and apply them to different customers
  • Identification as a high contributor by the NetApp MSB team
  • Earn visibility by leveraging NetApp MDF and implementing effective marketing initiatives, especially in social media
  • Develop a business plan or an enablement plan for the year with the NetApp account team and the distributor, and demonstrate commitment to this plan

Criteria for NetApp EMEA Distributor of the Year

  • Year-over-year revenue growth % against NetApp’s revenue, and also growth % in your country
  • Year-over-year revenue growth for:
    • General Territory (GT) against NetApp’s GT revenue growth in the same country
    • Clustered Data ONTAP: Ratio of NetApp FAS3000 and FAS6000 controller count shipped with clustered Data ONTAP to the distributor’s total FAS3000 and FAS6000 controller count
  • Silver and Gold Partner year-over-year revenue growth, as well as the number of Silver and Gold Partners upgraded to the next level
  • Describe the innovative differentiated programs that you created for your partners and their impact on the business in the areas of:
    • Converged stacks
    • Special go-to-market partner programs to drive growth
    • Marketing programs
    • Partner enablement
    • Solution-specific (clustered Data ONTAP)
    • Cloud and tech refresh

Criteria for NetApp EMEA Services Partner of the Year

  • Continual improvement in delivery of services
  • Adoption of NetApp “best practices” to drive customer success
  • Commitment to the development of partner engineers through attendance at NetApp Partner Events
  • Demonstrate training compliance with NetApp Service Partner Programs
  • SSC Partners must show an ongoing reduction in escalated cases (performance ratio)
  • Commitment to NetApp through participating in new NetApp Service Improvement Initiatives and attending Partner Events aimed at improving future strategy and engagement
  • Commitment to expanding service relationships through the adoption of new technologies
  • Demonstrate development of your own Certified Services Business through investment in NetApp Certified Engineers

Criteria for NetApp EMEA FlexPod Partner of the Year

  • FlexPod revenue, FY14, year-over-year growth
  • FlexPod registered project pipeline: EMEA Cisco and NetApp Sales Desk, FY14
  • Number of net-new NetApp customers won with FlexPod
  • Number of FlexPod external references
  • An innovative FlexPod lead-generation program
  • Certified FlexPod Premium Partner

Criteria for NetApp EMEA Partner Marketing Campaign of the Year

  • Number of leads generated from the campaign
  • Revenue generated from the campaign
  • ROI on marketing dollars spent on the campaign
  • MDF planning: excellence in planning, managing, reporting and ROI
  • Integration of social media: coverage and engagement

The following three awards are new this year:

Criteria for EMEA Outstanding Contribution to Open a New Market or Industry

  • Demonstrate growth achievement: incremental business generated in FY14 to develop the targeted market or vertical industry, bookings growth as a percentage versus FY13
  • Number of net-new accounts won in FY14
  • List clustered Data ONTAP and FlexPod Express wins during FY14
  • Submit a substantial business plan and go-to-market strategy to enter and develop the market or industry

Criteria for EMEA Solution Partner of the Year

  • Submit E-Series, FlexPod, clustered Data ONTAP, or Flash case studies, references, training, and certification records for each solution
  • Submit proof of investment across all relevant new NetApp solution training areas for staff
  • Present a case study showing customer benefits for SAP, cloud, or FlexPod solutions sold during FY14
  • Submit proof of sales sufficiency

Criteria for EMEA Cloud Partner of the Year

  • Number of net-new customers consuming an "as-a-service" solution built on NetApp
  • Number of joint references generated in FY14
  • Investment in NetApp skills: number of certifications, hours of training used, participation in specialisation programs
  • Number of channel partners actively reselling "as-a-service" solutions built on NetApp
  • Demonstrate adoption of key NetApp technologies in the "as-a-service" solutions built on NetApp
  • Number of joint engagements with NetApp at main events
  • Show level of endorsement of NetApp