Each briefing in a NetApp Executive Briefing Center is tailored to your needs, requirements, goals and objectives. Your agenda becomes our agenda.

Part of a NetApp EBC agenda usually includes a Voice of the Customer session where we invite all the presenters and you get to tell NetApp your objectives for the briefing, current challenges, future directions, etc.

There are a lot of opportunities to discuss various topics but some of the most popular sessions are the following:

Alliance Partner Relationships
Corporate Update
Cloud Computing
Data ONTAP Overview & Roadmap
Data Protection
Global Services Overview
Hardware & Software Overview & Roadmap
Manageability Software Overview
Microsoft Application Solutions
SAN Solutions Overview & Roadmap
StorageGRID Solution Overview
Storage Efficiency Overview
Virtualization Solutions

This list is not inclusive so make sure to tell your NetApp account team or channel partner if there is a topic around NetApp products and solutions that you want to discuss. Chances are that we have someone we can bring into the briefing that meets your needs.

You can also look at our Products and Solutions pages to find information right for your company and environment.

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