Riso Gallo Transforms Market Opportunities into Business

Largest European Rice Producer Benefits from Flexible NetApp Infrastructure and Virtualization

London, October 31, 2011 - Gourmets with a passion for rice and risotto will know that one of Europe's largest rice producers is based in Italy: Riso Gallo. A synonym for high quality products, dedication to consumers' preferences, and with a history of more than 150 years, the company is still growing with product sales in more than 74 countries. Riso Gallo values IT as a driver to transform market opportunities into business. At its core is a virtualized infrastructure based on NetApp storage to benefit from flexible and simplified workflows to maintain product quality.

The company with the green rooster in its logo was under pressure to solve performance, flexibility, and reliability issues to meet business continuity for mission-critical applications. Its server-attached storage infrastructure had seen its best days. A technical refresh, designed and deployed together with the NetApp partner ServerLab, was undertaken to meet the growing demands of its customers and to secure the successful market introduction of new products such as instant rice meals or the new healthy product line.

"The need to move to a virtualized environment was pretty clear. After an extensive market evaluation we chose a NetApp FAS2000 series system as the storage foundation for our new IT infrastructure", says SilvanaBortolin, head of software projects at Riso Gallo. "NetApp's unified storage approach was as compelling as its software portfolio, offering us the flexibility and simplicity we missed previously. Furthermore, we are able to manage our infrastructure without the need for technicians or expert help."

The result of the IT consolidation at Riso Gallo is a fully virtualized environment running VMware vSphere with NetApp unified storage enabling 24x7 business continuity for mission critical applications such as order collection and processing from about 70 sales managers, harvest management and purchase, sales automation and business intelligence. Compared to the former solution with HP storage directly-attached to a Windows server, Riso Gallo experienced an increase in quality in terms of performance, reliability, ease of management and flexibility.

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