Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA)

Storage Networking Industry Association The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIAis a vendor-neutral trade association focused on advancing IT technologies, standards, and education programs for IT professionals. Made up of 400 member companies spanning the global storage market, the SNIA has a history of developing technologies that have emerged as standards. SNIA standards are primarily related to data, storage, and information management and address such challenges as interoperability, usability, and complexity. 

NetApp Leadership and Participation in SNIA

 NetApp representatives hold several leadership positions with the SNIA global organization, including:

NetApp representatives also lead a number of activities within the SNIA, including:


In addition to holding leadership roles, NetApp representatives also participate in other activities and groups within the SNIA, including:

  • Data Protections & Capacity Optimization Committee

  • Green Storage Initiative

  • Linear Tape File System Technical Working Group

  • Non-Volatile Memory Programming Technical Working Group

  • Storage Management Interface Specification (SMI-S) Technical Working Group

  • SNIA-Euorpe – BeNeLux Country Committee

  • SNIA-Europe – France Country Committee

  • SNIA-Europe – Germany Country Committee

  • SNIA-Europe – Italy Country Committee

  • SNIA-Europe – UK Country Committee

  • SNIA-Brazil

  • SNIA-India

  • SNIA-Malaysia

  • SNIA-Southeast Asia

For more information on NetApp's participation in and adoption of the SMI-S standard,
see NetApp and SMI-S.

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