NetApp Technology

NetApp is a $3 billion, Fortune 1000 company with 8,000 employees worldwide, but unless you write code or support a data management system driven by NetApp® technology, you might not know what we do. That’s OK; we are not exactly a household name.

Chances are you are familiar with a number of our customers, such as Chevron, Genentech, Google, NASA, Oracle, Sprint, and Yahoo, to name a few.

NetApp is running at the heart of their data centers, supporting their most critical applications.

Our innovative storage and data management solutions resonate with these customers because of our dedication to simplicity and to their respective success by enabling them to reduce their application development cycles, deploy new projects more quickly to respond to the business, get to market faster, and dramatically lower their costs.

If you aren’t that technical and want to learn more about our products in simple terms, check out Dave Hitz’s entertaining article. He makes it simple.

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