Disaster Recovery

Recover fast from outages and maintain availability for critical applications with NetApp disaster recovery solutions.

An effective disaster recovery (DR) plan is vital to prevent your operations from being brought to a standstill in case of damaging natural or man-made events—which could mean lost productivity, reputation, and revenue. That’s why NetApp® disaster recovery solutions, built on the Data ONTAP® operating system, are the right choice to help you recover fast in the event of a system, site, or regional outage.

Use our asynchronous replication solutions to maintain business continuity across a broad spectrum of recovery-point and recovery-time objectives.

With NetApp disaster recovery solutions, you can:

  • Increase availability and speed recovery with NetApp SnapMirror® software.
  • Reduce your network and data storage costs using our storage efficiency technologies.
  • Leverage your DR infrastructure to perform DR failover testing without downtime. Support development and test while maintaining business continuity.
  • Leverage public cloud benefits with NetApp Private Storage for Cloud. Do more with less. Easy administration improves operational efficiency.

For more information on NetApp disaster recovery solutions , check out:

  • SnapMirror software: Leverage core data replication software for data movement and disaster recovery.
  • NetApp Private Storage for Cloud: Use multiple, industry-leading clouds while maintaining complete control over your data on dedicated, private NetApp storage.  
  • FlexClone® PDF technology: Create instantaneous, space-efficient copies of replicated data to help leverage your data protection infrastructure.