NetApp E2700 Hybrid Storage System

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Realize affordable hybrid price and performance with greater than 99.999% availability: NetApp E2700 storage systems.

The affordable NetApp® E2700 storage system provides general-purpose, mixed-workload storage for small and midsize organizations and remote or branch offices. Choose from three systems—4U/60, 2U/24, and 2U/12—and three forms of connectivity: FC, iSCSI, or SAS.

The E2700 integrates with VMware®, Microsoft® Exchange and SQL, Oracle®, Splunk, Nagios, Puppet, and Chef applications to minimize ongoing management and maintenance.

  • Gain best-in-class performance for a wide range of mixed-workload environments, including database, email, streaming video, and disk-to-disk backup/archive.
  • Reduce cost and complexity of high-throughput data management through a configurable, easy-to-use-and-install architecture.
  • Attain streamlined high performance with low latency and high bandwidth and IOPS.
  • Scale capacity just in time to support business growth.

ES_logo.png title: The E2700 uses the robust, easy-to-use SANtricity® Storage Manager software, a powerful and intuitive software interface. This enables performance efficiency, dynamic drive rebalancing, RAID management, intelligent cache, and extended data protection—including data replication and disaster recovery.

[*] Hardware and software for at-rest data encryption is not available in certain countries including Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other Eurasian Customs Union countries.