NetApp Disk Shelves and Storage Media Product Comparison

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Specification DS2246




Rack units 2U 4U 4U 4U
Drives per shelf enclosure 24 24 24 48
Supported Drive Types (See the Shelf and Media Technical Specifications on for specific drive information.)
High-capacity HDDs  
Performance HDDs    
Self-Encrypting HDDs [1]    
Ultra-performance SSDs
(pure and mixed)[2]

(mixed only)[2]
I/O modules Dual 6Gb/s Dual 6Gb/s Dual 3Gb/s Dual 6Gb/s
Optical SAS support
Drive carrier form factor 2.5"
Small form factor
Large form factor
Large form factor
Large form factor
Drive carrier Single drive Single drive Single drive Tandem drives
MetroCluster™ [3] support  

[1] Self-encrypting HDDs adhere to standards such as AES-256, and FIPS 140-2.

[2] A "pure" SSD shelf contains SSDs only; a "mixed" shelf contains a combination of SSDs and HDDs for use by Flash Pool. Flash Pool also works in "shelf-to-shelf" configurations in which SSDs from a pure SSD shelf are combined into an aggregate with HDDs from other shelves.

[3] For details about MetroCluster, go to Maintain Availability of Vital Business Data Solution Brief PDF.

[4] The DS4243 disk shelf is no longer available in new system shipments but will remain available as add-on storage.