NetApp Ethernet Advantage

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NetApp Ethernet Advantage is an interoperability program that creates a trusted ecosystem to accelerate FCoE deployment.

FCoE and Ethernet storage technologies offer game-changing performance, efficiency, lower costs, and the ability to achieve true convergence in your data center. Often, however, these relatively new technologies can be seen as risky.

The NetApp® Ethernet Advantage program is designed to overcome any hesitancy you might have about deploying FCoE in your IT environment.

NetApp and our trusted ecosystem of best-in-class vendors have banded together to create NetApp Ethernet Advantage, a ground-breaking interoperability program offering a wide array of fully tested and jointly supported FCoE-capable configurations. NetApp Ethernet Advantage has already produced 200+ configurations on our interoperability matrix, with many more to come.

NetApp Ethernet Advantage not only speeds the release of FCoE-capable solutions, but also supports rapid updates to already released products—helping you keep your storage technology up-to-date, boosting your flexibility and peace of mind, and allowing you to deploy FCoE-based solutions faster and with greater confidence.

Broadcom, Brocade, Chelsio, Cisco, Emulex and Intel are some of the partners in the program Broadcom Chelsio Brocade Cisco Intel